Map out your career & enhance your true prowess with Invertis University in Bareilly!

Map out your career & enhance your true prowess with Invertis University in Bareilly!

A top-notch infrastructure, plethora of educational facilities & co-curricular activities, await you at Invertis University.

With its comprehensive list of resources, cultural programmes and clubs, Invertis University in Bareilly provides a plethora of well-crafted courses complimented by a lucrative cultural vibe thrusting the pupil towards their goals. The university aims to help students of varied interests to unlock their true potential by providing them several new opportunities throughout their campus life.

"Since its inception, Invertis University is constantly progressing in the areas of Engineering, Management, Arts, Science and humanities and boasts of a strong alumni panel of IAS, PCS, Engineers and CEOs." says Pro Chancellor Sanjeev Gautam.

A perfect combination of top-notch infrastructure & tranquility!

[youtube site_id=20074994 photo_credit_src="" photo_credit="" expand=1 caption="Campus%20Life%20at%20Invertis%20University"] Campus Life at Invertis University

''In a world where change is the norm, knowledge will certainly be a key resource. The challenges are to facilitate intellectual power which will create new jobs, and to educate and train students to work in fields where they will be valued both for their specialized knowledge, and for their ability to research, communicate and solve problems'', says the chancellor, Umesh Gautam. Starting off as a small Management Institution in 1998, Invertis has become a popular name in the educational sector over the years. With an eco-green campus, the academy brings in a perfect combination of top-notch infrastructure and tranquility.

Out of a variety of features, the institute also boasts about an unconventional student exchange programs. Every year resident students get an opportunity to interact with foreign students who are visiting the campus for the programme which enables a growth in understanding and learning diverse cultures. Moreover, the students are exposed to a diverse faculty while studying abroad and thus giving them a vast experience and the best of both worlds!

A cultural life with 8 clubs that surpasses all!

"Claiming to bring out your inner child, the university not only provides educational facilities but also provides vibrant cultural orientations, enhancing your motivations to aspire for more. Opportunity doesn't happen you create them", says Kanika Bang, an MBA graduate (Batch 19-21) from Invertis who recently got placed in ICICI Bank.

'Abhiruchi- The Hobby Club' and the 7 clubs under it, cast a different tone individually which channels students of contrasting acumen. The institute also boasts of its in-built high-tech gaming zone, gymnasium facilities, colossal fests, gigantic seating arrangements, diversity of labs and a vibrant environment.

With more than 94 courses led by an experienced faculty panel, including management, technology, doctoral, mass communication and much more, Invertis University is working towards leaving no stone unturned to guarantee that the pupil excel in every dimension of their life. Along with augmenting the horizon of a characteristic education, the invigorated curriculum ensures abundant assistance for placements and internships, paving the way to your success.

A monochromatic vibe rejuvenates the students' journey!

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The amalgamation of courses by NextGen Academy and the in-house cultural programmes of the university omits a monochromatic vibe, to push a student towards victory. With a spectrum of essential and luxurious amenities, the university aims to provide a stress-free education, thus rejuvenating an aspirant's journey. The annual festival held at the university provides you with a goodie bag of memories and a key for a bright career and a fine-tuned personality!

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With the unsettling repercussions of the ongoing pandemic, the applicants are currently facing new challenges, thus forcing the educational organizations to revamp their entire curriculum. In such unprecedented times, Invertis University is making sure that the students have access to an all-in-one educational scope and a vibrant college life.

To know more about the institute, click here and do not miss to watch the videos of their cultural events on Youtube.

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