IRCTC resumes booking for Lucknow- Delhi Shatabdi amongst 80 new trains

IRCTC resumes booking for Lucknow- Delhi Shatabdi amongst 80 new trains

The Indian Railways recently announced that they will be starting additional 80 passengers trains. Reservation services in Lucknow- Delhi Shatabdi, NDLS AC Special and Lucknow- Varanasi Krishak Station will now begin. New trains will ply on their routes from September 12, 2020.

Travelling from Delhi to Lucknow will be a little easier now

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Due to the cancellation of many trains, commuters were having issues travelling from one city to another. Some of the most popular trains were halted until further notice. Now, new trains are being added. As per the schedule, the trains will ply between the cities everyday. In addition to that, the Shatabdi Express, NDLS AC special will also run everyday.

In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the trains were called off. Now that they are being resumed again, the trains are undergoing heavy inspection and sanitization processes, so as to make them as safe as possible. Authorities have stated that as long as the trains will ply, security and safety precautions will be strictly adhered to.

Knock Knock

Following the nationwide unlock, a few special trains were given the permission to continue running. Now, even as the number of COVID-19 cases are rising, people need to get on with their lives, which is why the Indian Railways has brought back these trains.

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