Isolated rains & thunderstorms bring respite from the scorching heat in Lucknow

Isolated rains & thunderstorms bring respite from the scorching heat in Lucknow

A much-needed monsoon activity brings a pleasant surprise for the city dwellers

After days of experiencing the scorching hot sun and heat-wave like conditions, several parts of Lucknow were washed by isolated light to moderate rains on Wednesday evening, to the respite of the city dwellers. The much-needed rains have soothed the overall weather, ushering in pleasant days for Lucknow and neighbouring regions in the state. As per forecasts, the city skies will remain partly cloudy for the next three-four days.

The showers of blessing!

The MeT has attributed the overcast in Lucknow to the southeasterly winds, that usually bring pre-monsoon showers to the region. And right on cue, the winds brought a nimbus cover to the city, with a light drizzle on Wednesday evening and isolated heavy pour and thunderstorms through the night.

The changing weather also has a considerable impact on the temperature in the region. At present, Lucknow's temperature stands at a pleasant 29°C, significantly low from the previous average of 41°C. The forecast further suggests that mercury will oscillate between 36°C to 27°C through the day today.

Dear Lucknowites, the May rains have finally made an entry and it is time to indulge in the pre-monsoon festivities and give thought to the much awiated outing plans!

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