ITMS in Lucknow gets an upgrade: AI based cameras to enable traffic signal changes as per load

ITMS in Lucknow gets an upgrade: AI based cameras to enable traffic signal changes as per load

The upgraded ITMS will be implemented before Diwali.

Have you wondered how the red signal on the roads, often makes you wait for your turn, longer than a traffic jam? Sometimes, even when the light turns green, by the time you're about to cross the intersection, the timer clocks out and turns red again? All that is about to change because the traffic police in Lucknow has devised a new plan.

As per the new traffic management framework, the signal timing at the intersections will change as per the traffic load, instead of moving clockwise. The need for this has occurred because sometimes, the road that has a green signal has no traffic on it, which increases the wait time for other sides.

Preparations for the implementation of the plan are underway and it is said to be in place before Diwali.

More about the devised plan

The Lucknow Traffic Department has identified about 20 intersections of the city, through which more than 1 lakh vehicles pass everyday. These key intersections remain clogged up during peak hours due to traffic pressure. Owing to this, the authority has decided to monitor the traffic load through installed cameras of the Integrated Traffic Management System (ITMS).

The Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP) Traffic, Mr. Ajay Kumar said, "There are many initiatives which are in plans to make Lucknow a jam-free city. In view of the traffic pressure at the signal lights, preparations have also been made to change the timer and for this ITMS has been entrusted with the sole responsibility."

Furthermore, officials will keep tabs on the traffic and the signal timer will be updated continuously according to the traffic load, between 9:30 am to 11:30 am and between 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm on daily basis.

ITMS cameras soon to be equipped with AI software

The work to introduce AI-based software to the ITMS camera is also currently underway. The authorities have stated that ITMS cameras on more than 700 junctions of the city will be invigorated by the addition of AI software.

The software will keep a track of traffic in a range of 500 metres and will help in determining how frequently the signal lights are needed to be switched.

This technique has also been used previously in Mumbai. And now it might be beneficial in reducing the wait time near the intersections in Lucknow too, facilitating smoother traffic flow and lesser congestion on roads.

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