It's time to say goodbye to those sweet cravings with Donut Therapy in Lucknow

It's time to say goodbye to those sweet cravings with Donut Therapy in Lucknow

New place alert!

For a long time now, we Lucknowites have viewed other cities with eyes of jealousy, but no more. The bone of contention? Donuts. What if we told you you can get donuts in Lucknow that are simply delectable, and indeed are the real deal?

A quaint little shop called Donut Therapy is now open in Lucknow and it's all set to be your saviour. Situated in Aliganj, the store has many donut options for you to pick from, and you can rest assured that the donuts you pick are fluffy, sweet, crisp, and topped with amazing trinkets to get you hooked on the taste. Also, get ready spoilt for choice, when here.

A Stepping Stone

Donut Therapy was founded by Sandhya and Ashish, who initially had their own training house, Sandy's Bake Studio. At their training center, all are welcome, no matter the background, age or experience. With this, they help nurture untapped talent, and provide students with the tools to create their own business, and make a mark in the bakery world.

No success story comes without its own share of challenges, and Sandhya and Ashish are no strangers to it. Hailing from completely diverse educational backgrounds, these two banded together thanks to Sandhya's love for baking and moulding future bakers. From humble beginnings, they now have a highly reputed baking course, which is attended by students from all across UP. The online classes draw a huge national crowd of people looking to learn across the country.

After much nudging from Sandhya's fans, Ashish and Sandhya began Donut Therapy. Why a donut store you ask? Perhaps because it was one of the few things in Lucknow that was still missing out on, and now, these folks are bringing the American Taste to town.

Not an ordinary donut!

The most striking bit about this brand is that it's completely women led organization- the staff, ranging from the chef to the managers and the bakers themselves, are all women. They have been trained at Sandy's Bake Studio, and for them freshness, and the perfect taste is what is important. These women take pride in what they do, and somewhere, in a bite of the donut, you can taste their perseverance.

Donut Therapy plans to shake up the game with their authentic donuts. Right now, they offer many options to choose from, ranging from chocolatey, to fruity, to minty and what have you. They plan on regularly bringing new and unique flavours, and each weekend, they have a new flavour up for grabs.

In fact, you can even get custom, theme based donuts. The skilled bakers put in their best efforts to adhere to the theme. This could turn out to be an amazing gift for one with a sweet tooth, or that someone special in your life.

When you're here, don't miss out on their signature Cream Bombs, which are delectable, just crispy enough and filled on the inside. There are more than 20 flavours to try, with more on the way. One of our top recommendations is a Donut Ice Cream Sundae, which spins the classic brownie/ice-cream combo on its head, making this your new favourite.

Donut Therapy has a plan to expand exponentially, and are aiming for outlets across India, so be sure to try their donuts while they're still warm!

Knock Knock

Basically, we know the pain of not being able to have delicious donuts whenever you want, but now, with Donut Therapy, you're in for a treat for your tastebuds. Sometimes, all the therapy you need is a box of donuts, and that's what you get here.

Folks living away from the area can find Donut Therapy on Swiggy and Zomato for home delivery.

Where: 38 Ravindra Garden, Sector E, Aliganj.

Contact: +91 94534 55747, +91 63945 26506

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