Jadaav Jewels unveils exquisite Padmini Haar in Polki Diamond Collection at its  Lucknow Store

Jadaav Jewels unveils exquisite Padmini Haar in Polki Diamond Collection at its Lucknow Store

This masterpiece embodies 400 hours of planning and design, perfect for any bridal ensemble.

Ever dreamt of donning that regal vintage necklace fit for a queen, only to be deterred by its weight and hefty price tag? Fear not! Jadaav Jewels has launched its latest gem, the Jadaav Padmini Haar, a part of the Polki Diamond Collection at its Lucknow store. With a reputation for unparalleled craftsmanship and enchanting designs, Jadaav Jewels has now brought back the splendour of Polki diamond jewellery, a tradition steeped in royal heritage.

Once adorning the royal courts, this centuries-old legacy is revived in a stunning array of necklaces and chokers, each piece a testament to the enduring charm of Indian craftsmanship. From intricately designed necklaces to bold statement chokers, this collection epitomises the essence of traditional Indian jewellery.

All about the Jadaav Padmini Haar from Polki collection

Fashioned from raw diamonds, every item within the Polki collection emanates an enduring grace. These creations are adorned with Polki diamonds, which are derived from the meticulous shaping and cutting of large, unrefined diamonds, imparting a majestic allure.

One gem that truly shines among them is the Jadaav Padmini Haar, adorned with Polki diamonds. This piece truly catches the eye, particularly because it's a first of its kind. Originally, this haar, famous among royal courts, used to be made with 250-300 grams of gold, costing around a whopping 60-70 lacs. However, Jadaav Jewels has managed to craft this piece using only 80 grams of gold and over 1000 pieces of diamonds, keeping it light on your shoulders and light on your wallet too. And guess what? It still retains that regal vibe, stretching elegantly from shoulder to shoulder.

Painstakingly created over two months by skilled artisans, this masterpiece embodies around 400 hours of meticulous planning, design, and pricing. It's the perfect finishing touch to any bridal look, ensuring that every bride radiates unmatched elegance on her big day. Moreover, Jadaav Jewels upholds authenticity and quality through its hallmark-certified and IGI-accredited diamond jewellery.

The eternal charm of Indian bling!

With their flagship store making waves in Lucknow, Jadaav Jewels is the new talk of the town! Renowned for their classic charm and cutting-edge craftsmanship, they're shaking up the retail scene with their Direct to Consumer (D2C) approach. Talking about its Polki diamond collection, it's downright enchanting! Each piece is a testament to timeless elegance and regal allure. So, go ahead, indulge in a piece and let it be your love letter to heritage and sophistication.

Contact- 9664145490

Website- www.jadaavjewels.com

Location- Kumudni Jewels, 6 Park Road, Near CM Residence, Lucknow

Head Office- D-391 Gator Road, near NWR- GM Office, Siddharth Nagar, Malviya Nagar, Jaipur- 302017

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