Japanese heavyweights to take part at Inno Rail Exhibition 2022 in Lucknow

Japanese heavyweights to take part at Inno Rail Exhibition 2022 in Lucknow

The 3-day exhibition will kickstart from November 17

Stretching over 3 days, Inno Rail Exhibition 2022 will take place at Lucknow's RDSO, after a long COVID hiatus of 2 year. The Research Design and Standards Organization is expected to play host to a number of train manufacturers and innovators in the fields from various countries this November.

The event is organised every two years and took place last in 2018. In 2020, the pandemic was at it's peak, that made the event impossible. Now in 2022, the goal is to bring about new technologies, and showcase a hopeful future for railways in India.

Inno Rail Exhibition to be an International level event

At the event, companies from several countries will be present. Notably, there will be Japanese companies, who are known as the leaders in rail technology, especially when it comes to bullet trains and high speed railways. Mainly, companies producing railway equipment of all kinds are invited to this year's event. The RDSO is itself a participant for the exhibition.

From past Inno Rail Exhibitions, we can say for sure that this iteration will include technologies such as advanced signaling, machine learning, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and data collection. These are all geared towards improving railway systems in India. It is a place for companies to show concepts, and ideas for the future.

For this 2022 Inno Rail Exhibition, the RDSO has contacted companies from 18 different nations. These include Italy, Spain, France and more technologically sound countries.

RDSO's InnoRail Exhibition 2022 is slated to kick off on November 17, 2022, and is expected to carry on till November 19. Preparations for the same are already underway at RDSO Stadium.

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