Just 7 days are left for Tejas Express’ maiden run, have you booked your tickets yet?

Just 7 days are left for Tejas Express’ maiden run, have you booked your tickets yet?

Travelling from Lucknow/Delhi? Try out the new Tejas express!

Akanksha Singh

Akanksha Singh

Set to be inaugurated on the 4th of October, the new Lucknow to Delhi ‘Tejas Express’ has been in the news for quite some time now. The train has been making headlines because of its speed, comfort and the added modern amenities. The bookings for Tejas Express had begun Friday evening and within the two day period, over 2,000 passengers booked their tickets to travel via the new train.

With the new Tejas Express, passengers will be able to commute on the Delhi-Lucknow route. Tejas is also the first train ever to be operated by a private player, hence the passengers- us - have a distinct level of expectation from the train and its services. So, here's everything we want the train to have and be:

Just 7 days are left for Tejas Express’ maiden run, have you booked your tickets yet?

1. Speed PLUS Priority

If you've ever travelled on the double decker train between Lucknow and Delhi, you know that the train is quite quick. It travels fast; yet, because other trains are given higher priority than the double decker, we have to wait at station outers for hours at a stretch.

Hence, we expect the new Tejas Express to be given a priority at stations to make travelling much quicker for us. Since the train has only two stopping points, one at Ghaziabad and the other at Kanpur, we expect it to reach within the 6 hour 15 minutes window.

2. Better Amenities

Run by IRCTC, travelling via Tejas Express is not going to be a cheap affair. The train fare is based on a dynamic system hence it will increase or decrease with the rise and fall in the demand.

Hence, proper amenities are a must. Passengers will expect the train to have proper cleanliness, a good service staff, tasty and hygienic meals as well as properly working entertainment units, clean washrooms and proper garbage disposal.

Just 7 days are left for Tejas Express’ maiden run, have you booked your tickets yet?
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3. Better Food

Being a privately managed set of wagons, we expect the food to be better. Not just in terms of hygiene and taste but also in terms of quality and quantity. The fares for the train are equal to that of a plane ride and an added few bucks for food, which puts the spotlight on the food and makes us expect bigger-better things than we have seen in Rajdhani or Shatabdi trains.

Though the food menu includes refreshments, welcome drinks, snacks, breakfast and dessert, the options for which are ample too, the real test would be during the journey.

4. A properly working wifi & power outlets

In this day and age there's nothing we want more than good cellphone reception and fast internet. Since we all know that moving trains have the worst reception in the world, we expect the Tejas Experss to have a good wifi connection and a strong internet facility.

The fact that the train has an infotainment screen is an added bonus; yet, we'd like to have dedicated outlets to charge our electronic devices.

5. Comfort

At the end of the day, if passengers are ready to shell out around ₹2,000-₹4,000 on a train journey, we expect a whole lot of comfort. We expect the train to have a good serving staff, the seats to have ample space, the entertainment unit to be working and everything to be of top notch quality. Anything less would make the train a disappointment.

With the dynamic fares and added food and beverages charges, the Tejas Express becomes more of a comfort, semi-luxury train than your usual everyday train. Hence, we expect the train to have better and modern amenities as well as a good look and feel.

Tell us what you want the train to have in the comments section down below.