Kanpur's Old Ganga Jajmau bridge to remain closed from Saturday, on account of repair work

Kanpur's Old Ganga Jajmau bridge to remain closed from Saturday, on account of repair work

Facilitating commuters, the traffic authorities have given a detailed plan for route diversion for vehicles on this road.

Restricting commuter traffic, the Old Ganga bridge in Kanpur will be shut down from Saturday. Expected to be closed for a period of 20 days, the bridge is going to witness repair and mending works by the National Highway Authority of India during this interval. Due to this, all heavy vehicles and buses bound for Kanpur from Lucknow and Unnao, via the Jajmau Ganga bridge, will have their entry blocked on this route.

Route diversion created for commercial vehicles and buses

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Keeping the benefit of commuters in view, the Traffic Department has created a route diversion for vehicles travelling from Lucknow to Kanpur. As per reports, the SP, Traffic Police informed that heavy commercial automobiles shall not be permitted on the Old Ganga bridge. They will divert their way taking the Ganga Barrage route for reaching their destination. On this path, they will pass through Kothari Chauraha, Mandhana and Chaubeypur-Shivali road before reaching the final stop.

In addition to this, all roadways and private buses coming from Lucknow-Unnao have also been asked to travel via Ganga Barrage. Reportedly, they will take the route passing through Atalghat, Karbala, Makdikheda tri-way crossing, Vikasnagar Depot, Gurudev Chauraha and reach the Jhakarkati Bus stand.

Restored bridge to improve connectivity between two major cities

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Given the dilapidated situation of the bridge, repair and renovation works had been pending for a long time. Prompted by this, the National Highway Authority of India has decided to fix all faults so that the bridge can be restored to provide easy journeys for travellers. Once the bridge is revamped, it shall improve the connectivity between Lucknow and Kanpur. While the authorities have undertaken repair works in the past too, the stretched schedule, this time, indicates that the interventions shall overhaul the bridge completely.

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