KGMU's Respiratory Medicine Department gets an ICU in its 75th year of establishment!

KGMU's Respiratory Medicine Department gets an ICU in its 75th year of establishment!

The new ICU is a dedicated facility catering to patients suffering from serious respiratory disorders

KGMU's Respiratory Medicine Department is celebrating its Platinum Jubilee this year and in a bid to mark this auspicious occasion, the Department is organising 75 educational and social programmes. Moreover, a new Intensive Care Unit has been inaugurated recently, which shall engage in the treatment of patients suffering from severe respiratory disorders. While the Chancellor of KGMU inaugurated this ICU, the event marked the presence of Vice-Chancellor Dr. Vineet Sharma, CMS Dr. S. N. Shankwar, Department Head of Emergency Medicine- Dr. Haider Abbas, among other medical professionals.

New ICU for treatment of severe respiratory disorders

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Until now, patients coming to KGMU with severe respiratory conditions were referred to other places, while those suffering from less severe conditions were treated at the Kasturba Chest Hospital. Last week, in an effort to provide maximum facilities at the hospital, an Intensive Care Unit for the Respiratory Medicine Department has been inaugurated by Lt. General Dr. Bipin Puri, the Chancellor of King George's Medical University.

Set up as a dedicated facility that will be catering to patients suffering from serious respiratory disorders, this new ICU aims at simplifying the process of procuring treatment for the patients. Further, now the patients will not have to waste time, moving from one wing to another for treatment, as all facilities will now be available under one roof.

A welcome move for Lucknow

During the inaugural, the Vice-Chancellor pointed out that the smoking habit of citizens and rapid urbanisation leading to increased pollution is why there has been a sharp rise in the number of cases of respiratory diseases. The latest ICU will help in providing treatment to such ailments in a smoother manner and on a larger scale than before. Also, keeping in mind that the coronavirus attacks the respiratory system of infected patients, this ICU is a welcome move for Lucknow in our fight against the pandemic.

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