Kickstart your mornings with freshly crafted Bombay Pav & Sweet Bun from Dayspring in Lucknow!

Kickstart your mornings with freshly crafted Bombay Pav & Sweet Bun from Dayspring in Lucknow!

Enjoy new offerings from Dayspring, the creator of European standard quality bread in Lucknow

The creator of European standard quality breads in Lucknow, Dayspring has rolled out your classic favourite Bombay Pav and Sweet Bun to make your early mornings super fresh! While the previously launched multigrain bread, milk and brown bread, have already made their way to the households in Lucknow, their new launches are also here to become a crowd favourite too.

Now what are you waiting for? Get your hands on the all-new Bombay Pav and Sweet Bun to try some new recipes and treat your loved ones!

For a bun in a million product! 

Nobody knew that breads would become such a quintessential part of our daily lives when it was baked in the country. Be it the Bombay-style pav bhaji, a sweet-bun to accompany that steaming hot morning tea or just the desi variant of a burger, breads have found their way everywhere! And as the global treat was modified through time to suit the local tastebuds, the quality faced the alterations too. The bread became less full, had more preservatives and lacked texture.

Well, not anymore! Dayspring has revolutionised the art of bread making with their German imported machinery in Lucknow and if there's anything that's rising besides a good-spongy bread, it is their range. Indulge in the all-new Bombay Pav and Sweet Bun by Dayspring, an offering crafted specially to tantalise the tastebuds!

Available in pack of 12, the Bombay Pav is economically priced at ₹35. And at this rate, you not only get a bread pav that has 75% less preservatives that any other variant in the market, you also get a delight that is completely made in AI-run German machines. And to further ensure that you get only the best, Dayspring folks specially craft your packages manually and even customise them as per your liking. The same procedure is run for a single-packaging of the Dayspring Sweet Bun, that are available at ₹12 each.

Let your indulgence grow

A perfect side to your masaaledar bhaji or cutting chai in the morning, evening or really anytime of the day, these new Dayspring offerings are only letting our indulgence grow. So if you're also craving a bite of this goodness, you can hop to any of your local grocery stores and get your hands at these new bread varieties.

Well, if you happen to be a lazy bum, you can also get a daily and monthly subscription for your Dayspring Bread and customise your package to have them delivered, everyday or every two days, maybe thrice a week - just as you prefer.

Knock Knock

Here's a simple question - what will be your pick between a standard bread and 100% automated German-style bread that is rich in nutrients? Well, if you pick the latter, you pick quality, taste and an innovation that defines Dayspring! So what are you waiting for, go pick your fav bread too!

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