KnockOFF Beer & LIIT Fest in Lucknow is back to spruce up your nights!

KnockOFF Beer & LIIT Fest in Lucknow is back to spruce up your nights!

Be a part of the Beer & LIIT Festival in Lucknow & avail of huge benefits & discounts.

If you are looking to transform your clubbing escapades into blurry mornings, then there's some exciting news for you! Knocksense's subscription based model, KnockOFF, has lined up an exclusive Beer & LIIT Festival in Lucknow, starting today, and you should avail it while it's on! So, be it a refreshing beer or a boozy LIIT, this fest has something for everyone and your pick is just an unlock away!

KnockOFF has offers in more than 10 of the swankiest joints in town, and if you've been looking for a way to make your night outs cost much less, look no further than the deals available on KnockOFF as part of our Beer & LIIT Festival.

Unlock Deals, Unlock Savings

One of the best feelings when paying your bill is to see a heavy discount applied. If you're a KnockOFF member, you'll know the feeling all to well, but if you're not, boy are you in for a treat.

This time around, KnockOFF members can gain access to a host of handpicked offers on beers and Long Island Iced Teas from some of the best joints in town.

The wait ends here! These are all the deals and offers you can make use of:

Farzi Cafe: A hep party place for youngsters, Farzi Cafe is offering crazy deals. Here, you can get a beer pint for just ₹ 199, and an LIIT at only ₹399.

Flying Saucer: Here, you can avail of a beer for ₹349, and an LIIT also costs the same. Their LIITs are really good, pack quite a punch.

Woodpecker: A quirky cafe bar with a whisical vibe, Woodpecker is offering Corona Beers for ₹199, as well as an LIIT for ₹199. Here, you can also get 1+1 on beers and LIITs.

The Drowning Street: With it's swank, upmarket atmosphere, Drowning Street has an immaculate vibe, only made better by these deals. Here, you can get LIITs for ₹349. Your first beer here costs Rs 299, and the second one, just Rs 199.

Royal Sky: Take in the night sky as you hang with your pals here at Royal Sky. These folks are offering LIITs for just ₹199.

Mashup: Lucknow's first Bowling cafe is bowling us over with these deals. At Mashup, you can get a fruity LIIT for ₹199.

BohoBar: Bringing the bohemian vibe to Lucknow, BohoBar is perfect for those late night after parties. The deals here include Domestic Beers at just ₹299

Beer Cafe Biggie: While you'll mostly come here to drink, some of their dishes are pretty good too. Pair those with the low cost LIITs at just ₹199, and you've got a fine night ahead of you.

Aura Lounge: Offering some of the most pocket friendly deals, Aura Lounge is giving out beers for ₹99 each, and LIITs for the same cost.

Firefly: These rooftop folks are offering beer pints as low as ₹199, and guess what, their LIITs cost even less than that! You'll shell out Rs 149 for a delectable LIIT.

Munick Brewhause by Pebbels: One of Lucknow's oldest restrobar offers you LIITs at ₹299.

Bigg Daddy: The largest pub in Lucknow, Bigg Daddy's offer is one you cannot refuse- they're offering impeccable LIITs at ₹299 only.

Underdoggs: A long standing pub in Lucknow, these guys are offering LIITs at just Rs 325

Club Momentz: This swanky joint is giving out beers and LIITs for Rs 199 each.

Knock Knock? Deals are here!

Celebrate all through the week, at prices that even your pockets will approve of! Simply download the Knocksense App from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store, if you're still not already a member and join in the celebrations ASAP! The KnockOFF membership is flexible and offers you three different plans- Silver, Platinum and Select. With no hidden terms, these are smart deals for smart Lucknowites.

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