Knocksense Discovery | Try THIS juicy & cheesy Black Chicken Burger in Lucknow

Knocksense Discovery | Try THIS juicy & cheesy Black Chicken Burger in Lucknow

Read on to find out where you can find this unusual Black burger in Lucknow!

Fresh, cheesy, hearty, juicy and oozing with flavours — that's how we describe the hype-worthy Crispy Pulled Chicken Burger in Lucknow! One of the juiciest burgers in town, this huge and lip-smacking dish is a culinary creation of the tex mex cuisine. Don't believe us? Try out yourself!

While it has only a few simple elements, the symphony of flavours that the burger produces will have you believe otherwise. If you're a non-vegetarian looking for something filling yet fulfilling, this Black Chicken Burger is custom-made for you! Priced at ₹425, this is some heavenly cheesy business no foodie should miss out on!

Filling and fulfilling Crispy Pulled Chicken Burger

Found at Mashup Cafe & Bar, the burger comprises the goodness of fresh lettuce and tomatoes, layered with the cafe's homemade cheddar cheese sauce, crispy pull chicken patty, nachos and more cheese (because is there even a thing like too much cheese?), topped with another layer of burger patty. The medium spicy and tangy dish is covered with a black burger bun, made out of activated charcoal.

If you're wondering about its colour and texture, may we interest you in a couple health benefits of activated charcoal? Found to be highly effective at adsorbing gases, activated charcoal is known to alleviate flatulence. It is negatively charged and its texture helps trap toxins, thus, preventing the human body from absorbing them.

An American burger and health-ier?! Now that's something we can dig in!

Head to Mashup today to try your hands at and bless your taste buds with the delectable, cheesy Crispy Pulled Chicken Burger today! Happy gorging, foodies!

Cost of the burger: ₹425++

Contact: 088811 12549

Location: 1st floor Summit Building, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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