Knocksense Shorts | GPO Hazratganj gets a new self-booking kiosk

Knocksense Shorts | GPO Hazratganj gets a new self-booking kiosk

Individuals will now be able to book small parcels on their own through the smart machine at GPO Hazratganj.

Local residents in Lucknow will, from September onwards, be able to personally schedule their speed post, registered post and parcel deliveries at the General Post Office (GPO). With the aid of a new self-booking kiosk, recently set up at the entrance of GPO Hazratganj, individuals will have the option to book small articles with a maximum weight of 5 kgs.

The smart automated machine, which is interactive and has a touchscreen for the convenience of users, has the capacity to handle a load of 220-240 kgs at once. All they have to do is select the booking method, destination and place the item to be delivered on the conveyer belt. Applicable payment amount will be reflected on the screen and will have to be paid online.

The innovative initiative, starting this week, will streamline the postal service experience for the patrons.

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