Know 'COVID superheroes' around you in Lucknow? Tell us their story & get them featured!

Help us locate these superheroes, so that we can share their work with a bigger audience.
Know 'COVID superheroes' around you in Lucknow? Tell us their story & get them featured!

The murky pandemic sitch has many Lucknowites up in arms regarding the varying deficits being faced due to it and limited reach of the available stocks- be it daily essentials or medical resources. Every testing facility, hospital, crematorium and other such establishments are simply stretched in wake of the raging second COVID wave, leading to resounding cries for help.

But although COVID has ushered in such apocalyptic circumstances, it has also bestowed Lucknow with a legion of samaritans who are either functioning at the capacity of backroom combatants or frontline warriors. Several individuals and organisations have come forward to provide relief by their own means to eliminate the present humanitarian crisis, propelled by the pandemic. These COVID warriors are a motivation for all and this is our attempt to amplify their work so that the help reaches those who are in need. And here's how you can help-

Help us locate these superheroes!

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Since last year, hordes of citizens and syndicates from Lucknow have put their best foot forward to accommodate the less fortunate or others in dire need of help. Starting from distributing meals to strays, providing free food and medicines for COVID patients, dispensing zero-cost hearse services to setting up oxygen and mask langar, amid other initiatives, the city is copiously blanketed with altruistic dynamism.

It is now clear that the era of heroes in capes has passed by; this is the period of superheroes in PPE kits along with masks and sanitisers as sidekicks! So if you too, know of any such superhero or a squad of COVID warriors, who are actively involved in mitigating the COVID crisis in the city and deserve our attention, then do write to us at You can also tag us on our Instagram handle and tell us why your nominee should be featured by us! Also, do not forget to attach a few HD pictures along with your nomination.

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