Know the man behind the camera Abhinav Khare, a young lad and owner of Tasvir in Lucknow!

Know the man behind the camera Abhinav Khare, a young lad and owner of Tasvir in Lucknow!

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Team Knocksense

“Happy is the man who can make a living by his hobby”, this line by GB Shaw, completely fits in the life of this young lad who is a photographer by profession. Abhinav Khare, a pass-out of Amity University, is the proud owner of a fantastic studio in Lucknow, known as- Tasvir.

Right at the beginning of the three years Journalism program, Abhinav took to photography. What he started as a hobby, soon became his passion. Generally, it takes time for people to find out what their true love lies in. But, Abhinav got lucky here and found out that his hobby is also his future. After passing-out from college he took separate photography projects and after a couple of years, he established Tasvir in Lucknow.

Knocksense: What were the initial challenges you faced while establishing Tasvir?

Abhinav: In our industry, there are many competitors and its good to have competition but in our industry people doesn’t want to work together they just want to cut you down and hence to establish such a studio in Lucknow was a bit difficult.

Knocksense: Why the name Tasvir?

Abhinav: Tasvir is a Hindi word for Picture. I really like that word, and it directly relates to the work and also clicks with the people.

Knocksense: How has Lucknow’s market evolved in the last few years?

Abhinav: Lucknow’s market is evolving slowly, but that’s also good actually. Market ethics, in this business particularly need to be established. The major problem is, there are a lot of freelancers, who would do the work for free. Now, nobody is ever going to question the work, that has been done for free. Even if it is bad. However, some people totally take a chance because of lack of knowledge and awareness, since everyone loves on saving some bucks.

Knocksense: Was it tough to get funding initially?

Abhinav: It was tough, but me and my partner Shivaa Shukla are into this field for past 4 years and it is our parents who have helped us out since the very beginning.

Knocksense: Are people willing to spend on pre-wedding shoot In Lucknow?

Abhinav: Yes, slowly people are more getting interested in pre-wedding shoots that too concept based. It takes time for people to understand and follow the trends.

Knocksense: How big is your team?

Abhinav: My team consists of 10 people, 5 cinematographer and 5 photographers as of now.

Knocksense: What is the vision and motto of Tasvir?

Abhinav: The vision and motto of Tasvir are to change the thinking of people living in Lucknow about photography. People do understand photography but there are a lot of things which are new for them. Some people are totally up for it, while others need more convincing. It is challenging and going good, so far.

Knocksense: Are you looking to expand in other cities?

Abhinav: Yes, definitely I’m looking forward to expand my business soon in another metro cities

Knocksense: Any words for Amity University?

Abhinav: Amity has given me the confidence and potential, which helps me stand out in the business world. So ya Amity helped a lot in building my personality.