Ladies take note, Drowning Street in Lucknow has come up with new offers for your next kitty

Ladies take note, Drowning Street in Lucknow has come up with new offers for your next kitty

Ladies, we all know, that a well arranged kitty has the power to help us deal with even the most dreary of months. I mean the fact that you can sit with the girl gang have a laugh, spill a little gossip, talk over a game of cards, bingo or tambola and simply have a good time, is incentive enough to deal with everything else happening around you.

We all know, the kitty scene in Lucknow is often lively, we lack in terms of places where we can have everything we need. A comfortable place with a good service and great ambiance. So, in case you have been disappointed or bored of the old places that you've been frequenting we have the perfect offer from The Drowning Street for you.

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Kitty Packages starting ₹399/-

What if we tell you that the perfect kitty starts with a package for just ₹399? Well, it sounds too good to be true right? Well it is!

For just ₹399 per person you have the option to enjoy mocktails, starters, main course and even desserts.

Now that surely is a deal worth looking forward to!

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Why Drowning Street?

First off, the interiors here are pretty darn good, you get a cozy and a comfortable vibe complete with elegant and plush decor. They have several sections, so if you want to sit by the lounging area, or have something more refined like a fine dine experience, or even something much simpler like the outdoor area, they have it all.

So if you have been looking to plan an outing for the girl gang, well we recommend checking out The Drowning Street.

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