Laughter alert in Lucknow: Stand up comic Pravit Arora to perform on Feb 19

Laughter alert in Lucknow: Stand up comic Pravit Arora to perform on Feb 19

Watch the hilariously witty comic live in Lucknow on his India Tour.

What better way to burn the week's stress away than a dose of side-splitting laughter on Saturday? Now, the upcoming Pravit Arora comedy special in Lucknow will be a thousand times enjoyable than the rhyme we attempted in the first line. So Lucknowites, buckle up for an amusing evening with Pravit Arora as he thrills you with his original jokes and always-on-point wit.

Relatable jokes, Flawless delivery 

Popular among his fans by the name "Delhiwalla", what makes Pravit stand apart is how easily the audience can relate to his funny anecdotes, taken from real life experience all of us would've been through. Ever since featuring on Sony TV's Laughter Champion, the rapidly-evolving stand up comic has never looked back, constantly adding to views and subscribers on his YouTube channel.

But that's not it, his relentless supply of amusing short reels on Instagram and witty one-liners on Twitter are as refreshing as they are side-splitting. And now, Kanpur peeps will have the chance of watching it all unfold right in front of their eyes.

Book your tickets now, varna baad me pachtaao! 

Again, we're sorry for our attempted rhymes all through this article. We're just too excited to welcome Pravit Arora in Lucknow as he stops in the city of nawabs on his India tour. Grab your tickets now and laugh the weekend away with the "Delhiwalla".

Where: The Birspark, Vijay Khand 2, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

When: Sunday, February 19

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