LBRN Combined Hospital in Lucknow to launch a 100-bed paediatric unit soon!

The UP Housing and Development Board has been tasked to build a paediatric ward at the Lokbandhu Hospital in Lucknow.

In a bid to augment the treatment of children amid the COVID-19 crisis, a new 100-bed paediatric unit will soon be launched at the Lokbandhu Rajnarayan Combined Hospital in Lucknow. This focused department will provide medical amenities and treatment to young children, who are equally under the pandemic radar as the adults. As per reports, 2 paediatricians, 6 Ayush (Ayurvedic) doctors and 4 Female and obstetric specialists will be stationed at the hospital to manage the new resources. An ICU technician will also be deployed to look after the equipment support at the paediatric ICUs (PICUs).

Provisions at the new paediatric unit

The LBRN Combined Hospital at Kanpur Road in Lucknow will now be equipped to manage the growing incidence of coronavirus and other related diseases among children. A new paediatric department will be set up here, across the ground-level and first-floor of the institute. This will accommodate up to 100 beds, including PICUs to facilitate focused treatment benefits to children.

Reportedly, the new ward here will be set up by the UP Housing and Development Board. The body will line up the wards with several CCTV cameras, which will be directly linked to the office of the Hospital Director. This direct projection of the recording will enable close monitoring of the condition and symptoms of COVID-19 patients here.

Post-COVID care ward also in the pipeline

The Hospital administration has also decided to prepare around 20 beds to dedicatedly conduct the treatment of post-COVID patients here. As per reports, a special ward will be erected for this as well. This department will offer all physical and mental clinical assistance to patients who require medical attention, even after testing COVID-19 negative.

Earlier, the state had announced that PICUs will be made across all urban agglomerations across Uttar Pradesh. These will effectively help to create special provision for children amid the pandemic rage. This step can forward the administration's vision to impactfully tackle the rising spike of coronavirus amid the second wave and as a proactive approach, in case of the predicted third wave.

Here's a list of 331 vaccination centres that are operational in Mumbai today

The civic and state-run centres will be open to all eligible beneficiaries, from 9 AM to 5 PM.

In a bid to run a glitch-free vaccination drive in Mumbai, the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has announced a list of all operating COVID-19 inoculation centres, administering the jab today. As per this list, the city's immunity campaign will be flagged at 331 vaccination sites today, where the civic and state-run centres will be open to all eligible beneficiaries, from 9 AM to 5 PM. The BMC has further stated that both doses of available vaccines (COVAXIN and Covishield) will be provided on Thursday.

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Installation of underground smart bins in Lucknow to upgrade city’s waste disposal system

A 2 metre wide and 7 feet deep pit will be dug and an iron container equipped with a hydraulic system will be inserted in it.

The waste management system in Lucknow will witness an upgrade, with the introduction of underground smart bins. These special containers are installed at a depth of about 7 feet. Once full, they will be lifted with the help of hydraulic machines and thereafter, a garbage cart will be deployed for transporting them to the designated plants. Based on the spring technology, these underground smart bins are already being used in Delhi, Mumbai and Surat.

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BBD Chawls at Worli in Mumbai to be redeveloped within a period of 3 years!

In addition to the restoration works, new houses will also be constructed under this project.

Aiming to reform the BBD chawls at Worli in south-central Mumbai, the Maharastra government is working on a list of reformation projects in the region. As per reports, a recent announcement by the administration entailed that the area will be transformed completely within 36 months from now. Reportedly, the current intervention is targeted at providing ehanced residential options for the citizens in the prominent areas of India's financial capital.

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IIT Kanpur's C3iHub launches first set of startups to boost cyberspace security!

Reportedly, developments will be seen in the fields of UAV security, blockchain, intrusion detection and cyber-physical system.

In an attempt to strengthen safety and security across virtual spaces, C3iHub, the Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur's technical innovation hub on cybersecurity has launched the first group of startups. As per reports, these firms will work towards the production of devices and services in the fields of UAV security, blockchain, intrusion detection and cyber-physical system. Reportedly, 13 start-ups have been chosen after a strenuous selection procedure.

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Zero new cases reported in Mumbai's Dharavi on Monday

Vaccination drive to remain suspended at government-run centres in Mumbai today.

The Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation on Tuesday apprised that the Dharavi urban slum in Mumbai logged in zero new cases on Monday. The slum, which was once a hotspot, is now witnessing a great respite with about 38 active coronavirus cases. Mumbai's overall caseload is also witnessing a dip, with a rise in the recovery tally leading to an active caseload of 4,996.

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Jaipur's Tonk Road to soon get a new 6-lane underpass at the B2 Bypass Junction

The Tonk Road, being a nexus point to Ajmer, Jagatpura, Kota and Jaipur, harbours critical traffic.

In a bid to facilitate easy and rapid east-west vehicular mobility on Tonk Road, the Jaipur Development Authority has decided to build a new underpass at the B2 Bypass Junction. Standing perpendicular to the Tonk Road, the road is proposed to be a 400-meter-long 6-lane project, ballparked at a ₹155 crore budget. As per reports, the provisions for a safe pedestrian subway will also be set up here.

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