LDA to undertake a new township development project on Sultanpur Road in Lucknow

LDA to undertake a new township development project on Sultanpur Road in Lucknow

This development will be witnessed over an expanse of 2,600 acres of land.

In a move to augment the availability of residential spaces in the city, LDA will build a new township on Sultanpur Road in Lucknow. This development will be witnessed over an expanse of 2,600 acres of land, which has been obtained after reducing the area of Ansal API's Hi-Tech township. Given the presence of the Outer Ring Road, Hi-Tech Golf City Township can transform into an attractive choice for those looking for housing options in Lucknow.

4 housing projects being executed by Lucknow Development Authority

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The decision for the latest township was taken during a recent meeting on Thursday, wherein the authorities came up with this project in view of the land emptied by the Ansal Scheme. Besides this, the works of the Mohan Road Scheme, Prabandh Nagar Yojna and Sultanpur Road Scheme (Sahara), are all already underway and the three facilities shall come up over areas of 674 acres, 2500 acres and 1750 acres, respectively.

The Vice-Chairman of Lucknow Development Authority has asked the Planning Department and Finance Controller to submit reports on the proposed plans. In order to speed up the Prabandh Nagar Yojna, the VC has asked officials to begin the process of land acquisition by land pooling and giving out compensations. Further, the incomplete setup of Omaxe Society will be removed, in order to move ahead with the Mohan Road Scheme.

Meanwhile, authorities are trying to gauge the profitability of the Mohan Road Scheme and a re-evaluation needs to be done. Thereby, the Finance Controller has been requested to produce a comparative report, in a bid to understand the financial implications of the project.

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