This Sunday, NimbleQ to host an interactive parent-kid workshop on 'ABC of Cryptocurrency'

This Sunday, NimbleQ to host an interactive parent-kid workshop on 'ABC of Cryptocurrency'

Register ASAP for an hour of fun-filled knowledge session on Sunday, June 27!

As the world recovered from the financial crisis of 2008, we witnessed the emergence of a new form of digital currency. Through the past decade, this decentralised virtual money has evolved internationally into the dynamic world of cryptocurrency and it carries countless possibilities for the future today!

While this revolution changes its face every day, you can be ahead of the race by starting out early. So if you wish to equip yourself and your kid for the future, NimbleQ is here to guide you with an interactive parent-child (Grade 1 to 10) workshop on cryptocurrency! Register now-

Register now to book your spot amid the limited available slots!

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NimbleQ is a new-age educational platform providing holistic programs for young school-goers till grade 10. Combining technical skills, financial intelligence and business acumen, they attempt to deliver an encyclopedic course, suiting the dynamic needs of the day. Now, the organisation is helping you venture into the world of cryptocurrency at a nominal fee of ₹99! Scheduled for 5:30 on June 27, the hour-long session is all you need, to introduce yourself to the changing face of advanced finances.

Led by Saurabh Gupta, Senior V.P., Finance Steward Healthcare, USA, the event would circumvent through the evolution of money and the future of cryptocurrency. Besides, the session would also entail tricks for minting cryptocurrency, government guidelines related to it and the ways in which it can ameliorate the global industry!

Participation includes umpteen playful activities!

Amid the highlights, the parent-child duos will also be engaged in a game of investing and stock upgrade and the pair that raises the maximum amount, will receive a token of appreciation! Overall, you sign up for umpteen playful activities, if you participate in the event.

It is not every day that we tumble over such prolific opportunities. So, if you wish to have a fun-filled knowledge session in the company of your kid, register now!

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