Leave your worries behind and celebrate 'Don't Make Your Bed Day'! Learn all about it here

Leave your worries behind and celebrate 'Don't Make Your Bed Day'! Learn all about it here

People, sometimes it's okay to not look for perfection everywhere and take a chill pill!

Taking a leaf out of the western culture's newest appeal, we're getting inspired by the trendy 'Don't Make Your Bed Day'! If you're wondering what this is, it is exactly how it sounds.

It all started with a petition by a little US school boy, Shannon Barba, who wrote his feelings to Congress. But if you think about it, the movement sorta brings out a deeper, layered essence — a sense of rebellion against an organised system.

How it all started and what it means for you

“I am writing to you to ask that you help me figure out a way to institute Don’t Make Your Bed Day. I have made my bed every day since I was 4 years old. I make it so my parents are proud of me. But sometimes, I get really tired of making my bed... I think everyone in our country would enjoy one day where they don’t have to make their bed and not feel bad about it. I suggest December 21st of every year because that is the shortest day of the year this year," wrote the boy, from New Mexico's Tijeras, in a letter.

"I have been in contact with my state senator; however, at this time he said Congress is busy with more pressing matters. I respect that, however, I would like to continue my campaign. Even though Senator Udall said I don’t have to make my bed on December 21st, I am concerned for all the other kids in our country,“ Shannon Barba added in his earnest letter.

Taking the power away from small tasks so that there's no shame in not making our beds today!

While the gesture could not be described as anything but adorable and cute, hear us out. The particular notion is rejecting the belief that if you start your day with a so-called "failure" like snoozing your alarm or not making your bed, you're a failure.

It's decentralising the belief that by starting your day "wrong", you'd have a bad day. By taking the power away from completing a small task, your mind might just relax on days like these!

So, while most people already celebrate 'Don't Make Your Bed Day' every day... this particular day (December 21) is for those who do put a lot of thought into organising and compartmentalising daily. It reinstates, "It's okay to not be perfect every day. It's okay to leave things imperfect sometimes..."

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