Let the worries of daily life seep away at Royal Sky's Sufi Night in Lucknow tomorrow!

Let the worries of daily life seep away at Royal Sky's Sufi Night in Lucknow tomorrow!

With the fast paced lives we're living today, finding solace is exceptionally difficult. In the whirlwind of life unfolding in front of us, finding some time to just relax is often the most difficult thing we can think of. Luckily for us, Royal Sky is hosting a mesmerising Sufi Night right here in the city so that we can escape the daily grind for a few minutes!

Happening tomorrow, the Sufi Night at Royal Sky is the biggest celebration of Sufi music in the city. So, if you're looking to have a calm, serene and peaceful time, the Royal Sky is where you need to be.

A night of Sufi with Felix Sebastian

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Sufism has deeply spiritual roots; the act of losing oneself in a symphony, a song and finally letting go of all that hold you back is deeply personal. Everyone reacts to Sufi music in a different way, yet the Sufi music elicits a similar response from everyone.

The act of surrendering to the music, feeling all the worries and all the problems melt away with every beat, every twirl is a beautiful feeling. This Sufi event at Royal Sky does exactly that, while providing us with an amazing opportunity to lose ourselves in the music and the surrender to its beauty.

Felix Sebastian a local home grown brand will be performing at the event where they'll take you to a whole another realm with their soothing, calming and captivating music.

Knock Knock

The Sufi Night at Royal Sky is a celebration of Sufi music. At the event you can not only listen to good music but can also enjoy a great ambiance, good food and an overall wonderful experience.

When: October 18, Friday

Venue: Royal Sky, 1st Floor Opposite Halwasiya Market, Hazratganj, Lucknow

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