Lifestyle and Fashion brands we cannot wait to see in Lucknow

Lifestyle and Fashion brands we cannot wait to see in Lucknow

Lucknow and popular fashion have been quite far away since ages. Though the Lakhnawi chikan has made its way into the designs of fashion icons like Sabyasachi and Manish Malhotra, the city still lacks international brands and boutique fashion stores that have redefined lifestyle and trends for many in the country. We do have a Forever 21 and Swarovski but there’s still a major chunk of fashion that the city is bereft of. Let’s have a look at the major fashion and lifestyle brands that we hope the city gets soon!


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H&M is a swedish fashion brand that is known for its focus on the bohemian and on trend collection. H&M majorly focuses on providing top quality garment which is in vogue, under an affordable price tag. From stripes on stripes to the brocade and romantic print galore, there is no trend that H&M misses and we love them for that. It is also popular with people for its beautiful collection of street styles, think loose baggy camel chinos and white shirts, stressed denim and drop shoulder tops, crops with quirky prints and long-warm jackets. We cannot wait to have the option of submerging ourselves into the avant-garde comfort-chic fashion.


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Zara is probably one of the most coveted fashion brands out there, especially for the youth. When we think Zara, we think of high fashion, of the runway at a big fashion show. Zara is all about being truly OTT (over the top)! Be it minimalism, with natural fibre cotton shirts, wooden crossbody bags and wood strappy high heels, or party glitz and glam, with strappy dresses, frills, high heels and bedazzled clutches. Zara does fashion like no other brand. So it is no wonder that people of Lucknow are waiting with bated breath, for Zara to come on over and end our fashion exile.


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When we think of makeup, there are not many luxury options in Lucknow. Sure you have the basic MAC and an occasional Clinique or Forrest Essential, but apart from that we don’t have many brands that we can actually term “Luxury”. When it comes to makeup we generally have to depend on online shopping, which isn’t too reliable TBH. Having a Sephora in the city becomes so much more than I’m , it gets necessary. To see, feel and test a product before buying it is beyond comfort. Also, Sephora is known for the many-many brands it is associated with. From the coveted Yves Saint Laurent, Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford to the essential Makeup For Ever, Stila and Benefit Beauty, Sephora has it all. And we just cannot wait to get our hands on some!


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If we talk about brands we want, Chumbak cannot be excluded from the conversation. The brand is cuteness personified, from little owl print skirts, ceramic cactus corner pieces, cutesy t-shirts to strappy bohemian sandals, pastel mugs and floral print sofas, you can always depend on Chumbak to raise the cuteness ratio. The brand has made its way into the hearts of every girl and we just cannot deny that we want to be able to buy some for ourselves.

Nykaa on Trend

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All the ladies can agree to the fact that when we speak make up, a reliable and affordable brand seems like salvation- Nykaa is that for us. The online make-up and cosmetic brand has acted as the saviour for all of our make-up and skin care related woes. Be it a O3 combo, a wet ‘n wild makeup brush set, a plum hand cream or a L’oreal shampoo, Nykaa has had all the answers. But the convenience of having and going to a physical store is unmatched. The brand recently opened a store in Jaipur and has existing stores in cities such as Mumbai, Noida, Chennai and Indore. It is high time that we have one in Lucknow.

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