This festive season, elevate your celebrations with these genial party ideas!

This festive season, elevate your celebrations with these genial party ideas!

Be a hosting hero with these crackerjack party ideas, this Diwali!

It’s that time of the year to host the grandest of parties with friends and family and take on the role of a good host! To help you amidst the travail and bustle of the busy festive season, we're here to offer some voguish plans.

Fret not, people, a crazy fiesta is on the cards! Check out these cosmopolitan yet ethnic ideas that'll transform you into a great party host:

Themed Bollywood Night

Who doesn’t love Bollywood? Let your guests know that you are a big cinema buff by throwing a theme party. Establish a dazzling dress code for the filmy inside you. To keep it more ethnic and tyohaar-like, ask your guests to keep up with the filmy vibes and attire.

Fun Potluck

Do you and your friends love cooking? Here’s an à la mode party idea for the culinary tourist inside you!

Ask your people to help make a saccharine dish at home to fulfill those mithai-cravings and have some fun while at it! Arrange the ingredients needed and get on to a fun cooking session.

Melodious evenings with Karaoke

Keep your glasses overflowing and your karaoke machine’s volume up. A karaoke will play a budget-friendly party idea and make your guests cock-a-hoop. Set up a karaoke machine and fill up your refrigerators with a plethora of drinks of your guests’ liking to keep the night going!

Movie night!

Hand-pick movies of your guests' choice and keep their favourite drinks and munchies ready for a fun movie night. Another pocket-friendly idea, movie nights are known to keep the friendly bonding going!

Scrummy garden barbeque

A garden barbeque can make your festival ambrosial. You can also keep a floral dress code to embellish the party and make it classier. Serve the nosh with delectable drinks and you're good!

Family Game Night

Board games, along with Jenga, especially a deck of cards (a tradition during Diwali), is another way to host a cozy party at home. Snacks, drinks and some music in the background will, of course, only add to the enthusiasm.

Happy hosting!

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