Ever tried Jeetendra's bhaiya's famous Litti Chokha HERE in Lucknow?

Anyone up for Ghee-dripping littis and flavourful chokha?

What aloo posto-bhaat is to Kolkata, litti chokha is to Bihar. You can't visit the place without mouthing this rustic culinary masterpiece, which is simplicity at its best! Synonymous to Bihar, this baked deliciousness is revered as much for its simplicity as for its tangy-zingy taste and it just refuses to withdraw from our palates. Needless to say, this earthy aroma & taste has fans every where in the world. Luckily for us Lucknowites, there are plenty of good places here, that serve an amazing plate of baati-chokha.

Living up to the real taste of Bihar, is a litti chokha place near Lucknow's Hazratganj area- one of the firsts in the city, they're now a must-visit on everyone's food itinerary.

A delish affair since the '90s!

PC- Mansoor Malik

Started way back in 1996, Jeetendra Prasad's baati-chokha place doesn't speak much about the taste or the quality of its offerings but once you look past the facade, you'll be in for a treat. Situated near the CM office, very close to the Handa Hospital, Jeetendra bhaiyya's stall has no name yet its popularity draws in over 350 customers, on a daily note. On being asked about how people recognize his shop even though it has no name, he answered, "by face" with a knowing smirk.

A small entrance surrounded by weathering walls, welcomes you here with a colossal kadhai stuffed with sand and on constant flames. The slow baking of the dough balls into a charred litti invokes a hunger in our tummies, just by the mere visuals! Although people prefer eating on the go here, they even have a 12 seater arrangement inside which enables you to sit and savour your snack but be prepped to be seated amidst a rushing crowd.

The couple Lucknowites adore!

PC- Mansoor Malik

Coming to the perpetual talk of the town, the litti chokha here is an absolute delight wrapped in various flavours and seasonings. The litti is charred to perfection, with occasional twists and turns on the heat being manned by the helpers and as soon as it soaks up a brownish colour, it is then dipped in a pateela of desi ghee. This works as a charm with the kind of chokha they serve, which is a mouth-watering mashup of roasted eggplants, pickled onions and toasted tomatoes.

After they place the ghee-dripping litti on the plate with a generous glob of chokha by its side, it is then sprinkled with finely diced onions, thinly sliced beetroots, raddish, green chillies and a spoonful of spicy chutney.

Knock Knock

So when here or around the area, you've gotta come over to Jeetendra bhaiyya's stall to relish this delicacy if your tummy is craving for some filling snack which is tasty yet not too buffed with empty calories.

Location: Near Yojna Bhavan, Lucknow

Timings: 9 AM - 7 PM, everyday.

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