Live the first-of-its-kind NFT visual spectacle as you groove with Gully Gang in Lucknow this August

Live the first-of-its-kind NFT visual spectacle as you groove with Gully Gang in Lucknow this August

Attention, crypto geeks! Become part of an NFT community & groove with Gully gang on August 13!

Buckle up, Lucknowites, because MINT by Meta Tigers Club is bringing NFT to the city! A creation of Rachayata Tech and marketed by Raise PR creation, MINT is starting a first-of-its-kind NFT movement in Lucknow this August and we're nothing but hyped. This is an event for NFT enthusiasts, and new entrants into the world of NFTs too.

If you've ever felt baffled when you heard the terms 'metaverse' or 'NFT', this is your chance to learn the ABCs of the crypto world! NFTs are the new trend, and the scene has exploded on the current generation. Trading in NFTs is the new way to invest in the blockchain, and now, you can reap physical benefits too. The event packs a host of trading secrets even for veteran NFT buyers, and there's surely something to learn about the blockchain and the creation of NFTs.

What is an NFT?

NFT, or a non-fungible token, is basically a sort of financial security with data in a blockchain. If you own an NFT, the ownership will be recorded in the blockchain. The cool thing is that you can sell, transfer or trade the NFT. In short, it is the possession of intangible currency in the form of digital files.

If this sounds interesting, this event is for you! MINTs fundamental motto is to spread awareness of 'Crypto/NFT' in the North and you get to be the first ones to the scene!

Here, you also have the golden chance to get access to Meta tigers club's NFTs and can become the lucky person to win the asset by booking your tickets through Paytm!

Lit nightlife scenes

The live event, aimed at promoting art, music, the visual concept of NFT and more, will be an experiential affair and is a must not miss for existing NFT enthusiasts. Here, you can gather with likeminded folks and become a part of a community.

While here, spectators will also get to see their favourite Gully gang members, Ravetek, Panther, AB & Aryaman and groove to the performances by DJ PROOF, OG SHEZ and DJ SA.

Besides music and entertainment, the event will also exhibit drip stores, street apparel brands, artistic booths, and so on.

Post the event, Rachayata has a lot in store for the city folks with clubbing collabs with cafes like Vintage machine, Eos bar & Bistro, and more.

All about MTC Tokens

Here, the coupons are MTC tokens. These act as a digital token that works as coupons within MINT events, as you can go to the counter and redeem your physical coupons by making a transaction of MTC token from the guest to the vendor. You could call it a MINT currency in itself.

Ever wondered how a digital, intangible asset can sell for millions and millions of dollars? Basically, at MINT, you'll witness a different and new way of using technology to sell and promote art! Seasoned NFT traders can skip all that boring stuff and head right to the performances by their favourite members of Gully Gang in right here in Lucknow!

Knock knock

MINT is planning to expand the culture of digital arts through nightlife events in the city and we're all pumped! So, get ready to learn about NFTs and Web 3.0 with your friends at this one of a kind event. All you need to do is book your tickets today through the Paytm Insider app.

Where: Dayal Gateway, Kisan bazaar, Vibhuti Khand, opposite Cinepolis Mall
When: 13th August 2022, Saturday.
Time: 2 PM - 10 PM
Cost: ₹699/- onwards

To enquire about the offline ticket, call +917355246501

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