LMC continues to entertain & educate with environment-related creatives & sustainable activities

LMC continues to entertain & educate with environment-related creatives & sustainable activities

Join in the widespread awareness drive by LMC and become an active voice!

The Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) is on a spree of sharing innovative and fascinating ways to carry out eco-friendly activities. And they make it sound fun!

We're more than aware that the need for sustainable practices is nothing but urgent. With climate change looming large and environmental threats increasing manifold, it is vital to take charge, spread awareness and inspire all to change.

From community-driven campaigns to interactive workshops, from sharing creative methods to disseminating interesting facts and actively conducting door-to-door waste segregation awareness drives, LMC is becoming an active voice in the cause.

Learn facts about the environment with LMC

Dispensing facts like, "Recycling one ton of plastic can save up to 2,000 gallons of gasoline!" every day, LMC is ensuring Lucknowites step up and do their bit.

Let's tickle your grey cells, shall we? How can one engage in reducing e-waste on an individual level? "Reduce E-waste with these tips: repair and upgrade your electronics, donate or sell them, and recycle at certified e-waste facilities," shares LMC as part of its environmental education.

Recently, LMC also shared a creative way to make composting fun, by doing it with your partner. "Did you know that composting together can be a fun and environmentally friendly activity for couples? Reduce waste and bond over sustainability with your partner!" the folks announced.

The local government body also hosts various green awareness drives, collaborates with educational institutes and invests in numerous green infrastructure projects to make Lucknow cleaner, greener and more sustainable. Additionally, LMC kickstarted an educational series on water recycling and invited all to be "a part of the solution!"

"It is the greatest of all mistakes to do nothing because you can only do little," LMC shared in a powerful message, indicating that efforts as little as waste segregation at homes, not littering and so on can have a huge positive impact and go a long way.

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