LMC cracks down on unlicensed pets in Lucknow: Here's how to renew your pet license

LMC cracks down on unlicensed pets in Lucknow: Here's how to renew your pet license

Sterilisation certificates are not mandatory to procure the license.

As per civil regulations, pet dog owners in Lucknow must obtain an annual license from the local municipal corporation. The licenses expire on March 31 each year, necessitating renewal.

Having passed the renewal deadline by a month, LMC is now enforcing strict measures against pet owners in the city who have not renewed their licenses.

Pet owners fined during LMC's recent inspection

Teams from LMC reportedly conducted inspections across various locations in the city, focusing on parks and other public spaces frequented by pet owners for walks. During these inspections, several owners were found to lack licenses and were fined ₹2,500 each.

According to LMC's records, Lucknow has approximately 8,200 dog owners, with only 10% having renewed their licenses so far. Moving forward, pet owners without proper licenses will face a fine of ₹5,000 if caught during LMC's inspections.

How to get your pet license renewed?

Bhopal House, LMC Office
Bhopal House, LMC Office

To renew or obtain a new pet license, pet owners are required to visit the Bhopal House, LMC office in the Lalbagh area.

Contrary to other news sources that suggest the mandatory requirement of sterilization certificates, only vaccination certificates are necessary for obtaining licenses for dogs of any breed.

Afsar Ali, Spokesperson from LMC's animal welfare department, clarified, "Valid vaccination certificates suffice for pet license creation this year." For inquiries regarding license renewal, Ali can be contacted at 9721095021.

LMC intends to conduct rigorous inspections throughout the city in the coming days, extending to breeding centers as well. Violators caught during these drives will incur significant fines.

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