​Following Indore's lead, Lucknow Municipal Corporation to install garbage compactors in the city

​Following Indore's lead, Lucknow Municipal Corporation to install garbage compactors in the city

Swachh Bharat Mission: LMC to begin installation of garbage compactors in Lucknow from March 10

The Lucknow Municipal Corporation is undertaking various measures to improve the city's ranking in the Swachh Bharat Mission, 2022-23 and Swachh Survekshan of 2022. Following the lead of the Cleanliest City of India, LMC is all set to deploy Indore's tried and tested garbage disposal model in the city now. In the same strive, LMC will now install Refuse Compactor or Garbage Compactors to eliminate the open waste dumping points in the city.

New garbage disposal system to increase cleanliness in Lucknow!

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In an attempt to enhance the appearance of the city by boosting cleanliness, LMC is all set to make a shift in Lucknow's garbage management system. The municipal body will do away with garbage dumping points and set up dedicated pick-up points across the Capital City.

The plan of action includes the installation of refuse compactors across multiple locations like markets and other crowded areas in the city. In addition to this, plastic sheets will also be installed at many other points in the city. Reportedly, the civic body has earmarked locations for setting up garbage compactors. According to officials, the installation work is expected to begin by March 10.

Advantages of refuse compactor

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The specialty of this garbage management system is that the waste does not fall on the ground at all, ensuring that the roads remain clean. One of the biggest advantages of the refuse compactor is that it eases waste transportation and collection process. The garbage will be collected and compacted directly from the pickup points and disposed of at the Shivri Sewage Treatment Plant with this compactor.

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