LMC to launch new software to ease out property tax filing system in Lucknow

LMC to launch new software to ease out property tax filing system in Lucknow

Filling incorrect info will attract hefty fines. Read on to know more:

In a bid to make the property tax filing system user-friendly, Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC) has started developing a software through which you will be able to assess and pay property tax online. As per the reports, applicants filling incorrect property details using the new system will attract a penalty of four times the difference between actual tax and the amount paid.

For example, if the actual tax is 100 and the amount paid is 60, the fine levied will be 160.

Read on to know more about the new property tax regime:

LMC's Online Self-assessment Property Software  

Soon citizens will be able to calculate and pay their house and commercial taxes from home. The software developed by National Informatics Centre (NIC) will enable people to determine their taxes on their own without any manual human intervention. As of now, to make sure that there are no glitches in operation, extensive trials are being conducted NIC officials.

Under the new system, applicants will have to fill out a form on the LMC website which will record all information about properties including registry papers and property maps. Unlike the old system, users will be able to calculate tax online according to the prescribed rate for a zonal area. The online transactions would be registered with LMC instantly.

The move is aimed at ensuring transparency and reliability for a better user experience. Reportedly, if you have a unique House ID under the current system, you can pay your dues here. Individuals will have the responsibility of furnishing correct information, as it will be scrutinised by the taxation officer of the area.

Why a new online alternative?

  • The new system will be user-friendly and will reduce the chances of human intervention as the equity can be registered online.

  • With the new alternative, users will have an option to self-assess house/property tax online, ensuring transparency.

  • Self-assessment forms filled by residents online will be verified within a stipulated time period so as to remove delays in the manual process.

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