LMC to take strict action against those caught vandalising roads in Lucknow

LMC to take strict action against those caught vandalising roads in Lucknow

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Lucknow Municipal Corporation is undertaking various measures to keep a check on the condition of roads in Lucknow. To monitor this, LMC officials will undertake surprise checks of newly built roads to ensure the construction meets the stipulated standard.

In addition to this, the civic body has also urged city folks to take permission from the authorities before starting any work that might damage public roads.

Obtain NOC before starting work that could damage roads

As per the existing rules, no private party or individual is allowed to break, dig or damage public roads for their personal work without obtaining a No Objection Certificate from the district civic body. Lucknow Municipal Corporation will now carry out regular checks to make sure people follow the aforementioned edict.

All Zonal Officers in Lucknow have been directed to take punitive actions against those found digging or breaking roads for their personal work without the required permission.

LMC to conduct surprise checks

Often times, the roads get damaged when people get water connections or sewer connections. The civic body has assured the city folks that if the department is alerted beforehand, it will help them get the connection in the proper way.

Since most people undertake work that involves damaging public roads at late hours, a strict vigil will be carried out during the night. Additionally, the checking campaign will be reviewed on a regular basis to ensure people adhere to the rules.

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