Lockdown extended in Lucknow, Kanpur & all UP districts till 7 AM on May 24!

Lockdown extended in Lucknow, Kanpur & all UP districts till 7 AM on May 24!

Presently, the state has more than 1.8 lac active COVID patients.

In a strong move to curtail the spread of the coronavirus contamination in the territory, the state government has declared that lockdown restrictions will continue to be in place till 7 AM on May 24. While Lucknow, Kanpur and all districts of the state have completed 15 days of the corona curfew till now, it has been extended for 8 days more days. Given the high count of 1,93,815 active patients in the state, this intervention becomes necessary for breaking the chain of infections!

New infections drop but active cases continue to be on the higher side!

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Initially, the lockdown was imposed in view of an unprecedented hike in COVID cases. While the daily tallies seem to be taking a downward turn now, the active cases still account for an alarming figure. Due to this, the medical infrastructure remains to be overburdened and uncertainties have gripped the present-day scenario. Taking cognisance of this, the state administration aims to clamp the infection and positivity rates through its latest announcement. Additionally, the government has stated that adequate ration will be provided for three months while small scale shopkeepers will receive an allowance of ₹1,000

On Friday, 893 and 359 new cases were detected in Lucknow and Kanpur, respectively and the state tally soared up by 15,647. Apart from the state capital, Meerut, Gautam Buddh Nagar, Varanasi and Gorakhpur take the top spots in the list of cities with maximum active cases. Though the recorded fatality rate has been low compared to other states, the curve of deaths has risen up alarmingly since the onslaught of the second COVID wave.

Citizens' Cooperation, the need of the hour!

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While the state is executing widespread measures in this regard, the efficacy of these can only be ensured if the restraints are followed. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all citizens to practice caution and act in accordance with the stated guidelines so a further deterioration of the situation can be prevented.

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