LOL with Rahul Subramanian in Lucknow this Sunday at Molecule!

LOL with Rahul Subramanian in Lucknow this Sunday at Molecule!

Enjoy Rahul Subramanian's all inclusive comedy show in Lucknow this Sunday!

Rishabh Pachory

Rishabh Pachory

Who doesn't love a good ol' comedy show? The jokes, the vibes, the witty one liners, all make you forget your troubles. However, for some of us, the same old jokes, and the same old format tends to get rather hackneyed. To save us all from the rut like jokes, Rahul Subramanian is coming to Lucknow and his comedy takes a completely different turn.

The man lets you, the audience play an active part in his show, so much so that you can even steer the comedy show in the direction of your choice! Sounds interesting, right? Read on to know more!

What's buzzing?

You guys probably haven't been to a show like this one. Here's what it's like. Rahul Subramanian will throw his notes and pointers for the comedy show out the window and will rely solely on the ever cooperative audience. Through his conversations with the audience, he will make sure that you are as much a part of his show as he is.

LOL with Rahul Subramanian in Lucknow this Sunday at Molecule!

In fact, the audience can entirely steer the show their way. After that, it's all up to Rahul and his improv skills. The fact that he is an improv master is what makes him so capable of doing this in the best way that he can. His quick thinking, witty humour and on-the-spot quips make his show lively and unlike many other stand up comedy events.

For an hour, you guys will be in control of his show- he'll just be having a lively conversation with the audience and will make a few witty one liners while he's at it. Surely, this is one show that the comedy lovers shouldn't miss.

About Rahul Subramanian

An engineer by profession but a stand up comedian by choice and by heart, he has been taking the Indian Comedy scene by storm since 2014. What tends to dazzle his audiences, is his ability to think on his feet and give quick and funny responses to his audience.

Apart from that, his funny and optimistic yet bleak outlook on life is something that makes him an instant hit with the audience. We are really excited to have him here in Lucknow and can't wait to see how his show is going to pan out- after all, it is one of the most unique ones yet.

Knock Knock

Well folks, this one of a kind comedy show is coming your way really soon, so if you were looking to let your hair down this weekend, then Rahul Subramanian's show should be the perfect way to do so.

When: October 06, 2019

Where: Molecule Air Bar, Lucknow

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