Looking for a pre-school for your toddler? Check out Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School in Lucknow

Looking for a pre-school for your toddler? Check out Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School in Lucknow

Enroll your toddler now; Classes begin on July 4.

Parents are often perplexed about choosing the right pre-school for their child, for this school is not only about their academics. Pre-schools help in establishing strong social, pre-academic, and life skills. They are instrumental in shaping a child’s social and sensory development. It’s no surprise that parents often lag behind schedules and miss admission dates because they are looking for a school that fulfils it all.

So, if you are among those who could not enrol their toddlers into a pre-school that does it all, your woes end here! Maple Bear Canadian Pre-School in Lucknow has not only announced admissions open for their July intake, but also decided to run a special revision course post the vacation period.

The Maple Bear curriculum

Maple Bear school prepares children with a strong foundation for life, inculcating an immersive learning program that empowers them to understand and grow comprehensively. The school follows a high-scope curriculum which is focused on bringing about behavioural changes among toddlers, and sharpening language skills, especially when it comes to English.

The Maple Bear philosophy is stitched around curiosity, and the mindset of a young child which is evident in the design. Maple Bear has been tastefully created in vibrant tones, wall murals, and crafty soft boards along with unique toddler-appropriate classrooms and washroom facilities.

To elaborate, there are four classes here, namely Toddler, Nursery, Junior Kindergarten and Senior Kindergarten - each designed to enhance a child’s holistic development.

The classrooms are modern, airy and spacious, including a lab of its own. Similarly, every classroom has its own art and crafts corner, maths corner, science corner in addition to green boards, pinboards and water and sand tables.

All classrooms are equipped with ACs and have their own toddler-size washrooms.

Sky is the limit!

Besides this state-of-the-art design, Maple Bear's vision of nesting a child before they fly to their future is clear as one looks towards the classroom ceilings- the roof of each room has been painted to look like a bright blue sky littered with pillowy clouds, giving a sense of space and freedom to young minds.

On similar lines, the central foyer ceiling at Maple Bear is made of glass. This not only opens a view to a child’s proverbial growth but also filters a generous amount of light into the compound.

Knock Knock

A courtyard filled with tots, buzzing around as they laugh and grow is what a regular day at Maple Bear looks like. The school is seated within the scapes of Shalimar Gallant in Mahanagar and as such, promises 2x the safeguarding your child.

Maple Bear gates are watched over by trained helpers, which makes sure that the child is safe within the school and then, there are society guards to for kids safety outside the premises too. So even if your little one is hyperactive and runs outside the school as soon as it is home-time, rest assured they will not be running on the main road or busy streets!

Location: Shalimar Gallant, Vigyanpuri, Mahanagar, Lucknow

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