Love fresh organic breads & French desserts? Lucknow's Melting Point is beckoning you

Love fresh organic breads & French desserts? Lucknow's Melting Point is beckoning you

They have their own farm from where they source out their materials.

When in Lucknow, our obsession for cutesy cafes and homey bakeries is a never-ending love affair. Whenever we see a signboard or an entry point of any cafe, which simply calls to be checked out, you bet we're gonna drop in! So on a similar note, when we chanced upon the Melting Point, situated at the Dayal Paradise compound, we just had to make our way in. With floor-to-ceiling white windows, ample of natural light in play and a selection of desserts and baked goods, Melting Point fixed a Cheshire cat smile on our faces.

Oui Oui to Organic Products & Authentic French Recipes

As you enter, the cosy white interiors coupled with a textured wall and a sweet and warm aroma floating the air, will have your eyes wide open! You'll be instantly drawn to the selection of items placed on the bakery showcase and if you have the time to pull up a chair, you must do that at once. But if you're in a hurry, they'll pack up your favourites and you can pick it up from their cutesy delivery window.

We think, Melting Point is one of the very few cafes or some may call it a dessert parlour, in Lucknow, which dishes out items made out of completely organic products. They have their own farm from where they source out their materials so if you're conscious about what goes in your body, this is where you can let your worries walk out of the door. They use only butter and ghee for the items which they sell and there's no trace of margarine anywhere- which is a big plus!

The menu which they have curated, houses a range of freshly baked breads and we can safely say that they have followed authentic French recipes to a t. So on your way out, you can grab the multigrain one or the banana bread variant and trust us, you'll be back here asking for another batch soon. Along with it, a box of their crunchy and wholesome cookies can be ordered too, for your late night binge sesh or a random cookie craving. It's all sooo good, you wouldn't mind sporting a muffin top! Given the festive season, Melting Point is further offering specially curated hampers for Diwali and Dussehra and these surely are one of the best gifting options.

Notre Amour; Pastries, Macarons & oh, the Croissant

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If you're looking to explore the desserts here, take our suggestion and order the Red Velvet Pastry, Pain Au Chocolat, Macaron Mango, Blackforest Pastry, French Opera and definitely, the Almond Croissant. Now we'll briefly tell you why so that you can drool a lil' more!

The Opera Pastry is made with layers of almond sponge cake soaked in coffee syrup, doused with chocolate mousse and covered in a chocolate glaze. It is as French as it can be and it'll be a sin for you to leave this place without mouthing one!

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The Blackforest Pastry on the other hand, is a dessert lover's guilty pleasure. It is divided into two layers- one lathered with diplomat cream and the remaining half is deluged in chocolate mousse and topped with a sour cherry to balance it out; reasons enough for you to binge on it. If you're thinking of opting for the Pain Au Chocolat, we'd second you on that decision because it is like a delightful slice of France right on your plate! This dessert is a type of viennoiserie sweet roll, which just glides down your mouth, leaving a chocolaty after-taste and a foodgasm on your palate.

When here, if savoury options seem like your call, you can then order their Basil Pesto Pasta (also known as the Green Sauce Pasta) and just thank us later for this ahhhmazing recommendation. Made in olive oil with tones of crusted garlic and crumbled Parmesan cheese, this will fill your tummy and heart at the same time!

Start your day here; grab a 10% off on your bill

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Melting Point opens up its gate at 9AM so drop in with bae for a quick breakfast date or catch a coffee with any of their signature sandwiches, while on your way to wherever! BTW, from 10 AM to 4 PM, they have happy hours here so you can avail a 10% off on your bill. They even have a neat outdoor sitting arrangement which is just perfect for this weather and the upcoming season too, so chalk out a plan and head over ASAP.

Location: Hotel Dayal Paradise, Vipul Khand 5, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

Contact: +91 8795296666

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