Lucknow to get a 'Green Corridor' worth ₹2087 crores to boost connectivity

Lucknow to get a 'Green Corridor' worth ₹2087 crores to boost connectivity

A 20-km long, 4-lane corridor will relieve traffic congestions in Lucknow, soon

The Lucknow Development Authority has floated a proposal to bridge distances in Lucknow via a green corridor. As per the proposal, this 20-km long route will connect the two end of River Gomti in the city. Roping in the authority of Avas Vikas Parishad, the city's development agency has forwarded the idea to establish a four-laned road here.

Decongesting traffic, boosting connectivity

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The Lucknow Development Authority has tabled a proposition to erect a connecting corridor in the city worth ₹2087 crores. This new civil project will decongest the traffic here by shouldering the burden of automobile load and at the same time, it will boost connectivity, by shortening distances.

As per the draft, the project will be segregated into 5 phases of development and will stretch over 20-km, mapping a special route to travel across the city. The Avas Vikas Parishad is reviewing the idea at present and approval of the same will bring boosted growth and ease of travel in the city, especially during peak hours.

Besides this, the LDA is also working on the Bandha Road, which has received the green signal of the Uttar Pradesh Housing and Development Board. This project is budgeted at ₹ 270 crores, according to official government sources.

Need to utilise available resources

These road-development projects aim to bring development to Lucknow, however, the high budget of the project evokes concern. The LDA must find alternatives to bestow ease amidst the citizens while utilising the best of the available resources. With high-tech machinery and upgraded technologies, the city must re-route to a more economic resort.

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