Lucknow & other UP metro cities gear up to establish paediatric ICUs to treat COVID-19 in children

Lucknow & other UP metro cities gear up to establish paediatric ICUs to treat COVID-19 in children

As per state directives, about a 100 paediatric beds will be set up in every metropolitan city of Uttar Pradesh.

In an attempt to intensify the preparations to protect children from the COVID clutches, the Uttar Pradesh authorities will establish special arrangements at hospitals, similar to that of ICUs. The state's paediatric treatment infrastructure will undergo a focused facelift to set up paediatric ICUs (PICUs) and beds in each district to ensure top-class care for corona infected children. Reportedly, the new COVID beds will be designed specially to accommodate kids- smaller units with a railing around.

Boosting paediatric care to curb the pandemic

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All metropolitan cities in Uttar Pradesh, including Lucknow, have started to prepare for effective COVID treatment units, known as the PICU and soon, these will be set up to manage the incidence of corona infection among children. These resources will soon become functional in all hospitals across Uttar Pradesh's metro cities, read reports. A government spokesperson informed that every district will receive at least 100 paediatric beds.

Salman Khan, a paediatrician at Dufferin Hospital in Lucknow, further confirmed that the administration has decided to establish 50-100 paediatric beds in all the major cities, which would prove to be very effective in the treatment of children. He stated that the facilities will be provided according to the age of children and their needs. Resources have been categorised into three segments:

  • PICU (Paediatric Intensive Care Unit) for children above one month
  • NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) for children below one month
  • SNCU (Sick Newborn Care Unit)- established at maternity hospitals

As per reports, additional assistance will be appropriated from ex-servicemen, retired officers if need be. As another aid, students receiving medical education have been directed to train and provide teleconsultation to the patients.

- with inputs from IANS

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