Lucknow has made immense progress in the last few years, yet there are still a plethora of things that Lucknow needs to deal with. Lucknow's smart city project has played a huge part in changing the face of this city and it might soon bring us a better and cleaner Lucknow.

The Lucknow Metro Corporation (LMC) is planning to borrow a leaf from Indore's book to make the city cleaner. IIM Indore will help bring the cleanliness model to Lucknow, changing the way the city deals with its waste.

What's the update?

Indore has been acing the Swachhta Surveykshan (cleanliness survey) for the past 4 years, each year beating its own record in hygiene and cleanliness. The city is not just clean but has an involved process to take care of the waste it produces making it sustainable and conscious towards the environment on top of being clean.

The civic authorities in Lucknow have decided to borrow a leaf from Indore's book. The LMC along with IIM Indore will be coming up with a plan for Lucknow's hygiene and waste management system under the Lucknow Smart City Project.

The Indore model of cleanliness has already been chalked out, tweaked and perfected to fit for the needs of the city while a study on Indore's solid waste management system is also undergoing.

What can we expect?

Among the many changes that will be made in the way the Lucknow Municipal Corporation deals with waste, we might see a big shift in the day-to-day waste collection in the city.

Indore's immensely popular programs such as door-to-door waste collection, waste segregation, organic waste composting, heavy fines on littering, a general increase in public awareness and citizen involvement, are a few things Lucknow might get to see after the implementation of the Indore model.

Along with these, IIM Indore is also helping Lucknow with a more efficient traffic management system which aims to streamline the traffic in the city.

Knock Knock

Lucknow needs all the help it can get when it comes to hygiene and cleanliness. The city has long been trying to change the way it deals with its waste and we cannot wait for the new system to be established soon. Plus, who would say no to a better and faster traffic.

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