Construction of a much needed 'puliya' begins near​ Awadh intersection in Lucknow

Construction of a much needed 'puliya' begins near​ Awadh intersection in Lucknow

The construction project of the upcoming road is estimated to cost around ₹3.75 crores by the Public Work Department.

In a bid to ease traffic congestion near the Awadh intersection in Lucknow, the Public Work Department has decided to construct a puliya at Nahariya on Kanpur Road. Notably, the construction work has also been initiated post the approval of government for this road construction plan. According to an official of the PWD, this project is estimated to cost ₹3.75 crore approximately.

Project to benefit over 30,000 residents of nearby areas

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One of the busiest intersection of the city, the Awadh Chauraha connects many areas of Lucknow with Kanpur Road. According to PWD's Executive Engineer Manish Verma, people travelling from Irrigation Department's Colony, Parikalpa Nagar, Aashiyana, Transport Nagar towards Dubagga, had to cross the Awadh Chauraha leading to the traffic congestion. With the construction of this 16-metre-long puliya, more than 30,000 residents of this area will be relieved from the menace of traffic jams.

Move to facilitate smoother traffic movements near the intersection

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Notably, PWD had earlier made a proposal to build an underpass on this Awadh intersection but the administration did not approve the plan due to some logistical issues. Apart from this, building a flyover was also not feasible due to the metro line present there. Therefore, with the approval on this project, the department has begun the construction work to facilitate a smoother vehicular movement in this area.

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