Be a part of Bigg Daddy's week-long anniversary celebrations, starting from February 4

Be a part of Bigg Daddy's week-long anniversary celebrations, starting from February 4

Bigg Daddy goes big yet again, with multiple offers and unmissable deals, the anniversary week celebrations begin from Feb 4!

Lucknow, get ready to turn your Friday into FriYAY by indulging in a week-long celebration at Bigg Daddy. Keeping up with its tradition of grand and OTT celebrations, Bigg Daddy in Lucknow is all set to turn their anniversary week into a week to remember with a host of events and deals for you guys! The celebrations begin on February 4th and there is no way you should miss this!

Good vibe, great food & much more!

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Known for its lip-smacking food and crafty drinks, Bigg Daddy has been ruling our hearts every since its launch and this love affair only seems to get stronger with time. Offering delectable delights in an encompassing F&B menu, this swanky resto-bar place has always made sure that all of us leave with a tummy full of good food and booze! Calling out to all the party lovers in town, the festive vibe at this swanky club cum bar is pulling us in and we sure are loving it!

Celebrations to run all through the week at Bigg Daddy!

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With the anniversary celebrations ringing this week, indulge in your favourite dishes at Bigg Daddy and eat to your heart's content without worrying about the bills as this upscale resto-bar is offering FLAT 30% OFF on the total bill, all through this week!

Additionally, during the week-long celebrations, you can grab Bigg Daddy LIITs aka BIIT at discounted prices. So, get ready to turn things a bit boozy as this swanky resto-bar is going to hand out BIIT at ₹249 per head, all week long!

Knock Knock

If you think that's all, here is a special bonus for you! Going all out with the celebration, the good folks at Bigg Daddy are allowing guests to club any two offers at a time. With such unmissable deals applicable throughout the day, where would you rather be this week? Simply call on the number given below and place your reservation as the offer ends on February 11!

Location: Cyber Heights, 6th Floor, Pickup Bldg Rd, Vibhuti Khand, Lucknow

For reservations, contact: 7800004920

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