Be sweet, spicy & totally cheesy with The Cellar's Valentine special menu!

Be sweet, spicy & totally cheesy with The Cellar's Valentine special menu!

If treating your bae to good food is your love language, Cellar in Mahanagar should totally be your valentine date spot

There is nothing that defines love better than food and The Cellar in Lucknow has got us all swooning in the delight of its Valentine special menu, this season of love. With a gourmet range of sweet, spice and everything nice, this expansive spread is honestly the only cheesy affair one needs for a happy V-Day! And if you want to indulge in this exotic extravagance too, head out to The Cellar in Mahanagar anytime between the 12th to 14th of February.

It's time for a fancy date, this Valentine!

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If food were a love sonnet, it will look a lot like the Valentine special menu at The Cellar. Up and live all day, this epicurean banquet is sure to lure all the couples in town, chasing their foodgasms, amid a classy romantic ambience and Valentine-themed decor! From food to drinks and sweet delicacies, this curated spread has it all, to make your Valentine celebrations, equal parts fancy and wholesome!

Starting with their exotic raspberry drink, Love Potion, and fusion spice appetisers like Mexican Pani Puri Shots and Tangy Chicken Poppers, the V-day spread has got every flavour in hand to make you fall more in love with food than bae! And given the fact that their pizzas options are heart-shaped, named Adam and Eve, and Romeo and Juliet, the food here is cheesy enough for the date to be super hit!

For the main course, The Cellar beckons you to indulge in Roman ala Bake, a creamy wine rose sauce spaghetti, tossed in exotic vegetables, served with a side of garlic bread or the juicy succulence of Chermoula Chicken or a Mexican savour. You can also go all-in and gorge on its Spicy Vegetable Tangine, for that unique Moroccan kick or even order the Valentine-special Lobster Newburg if you're craving something more.

Sharing desserts is a love language!

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Dear sugarholics, we know that sharing dessert is difficult and doing so with anyone, including your date, is a gesture greater than a love confession! And to your benefit, The Cellar has whipped up romance in its plum offerings to make the task a little easier for you. Get your hands on their Valentine berry blast Strawberry Panacotta or the beloved Spiced Chocolate Pudding to end your date on a sweet note!

Knock Knock

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With romantic tunes to accompany you and fun couple games on offer, The Cellar is making sure that you have it all here, with your loved ones. And to think of things in retrospect, both Cupid and Cellar start with the same letter - which is just your sign from the Universe to be here with your sweetheart! We only suggest you book your tables right away, for a deal as diverse as this would be hard to find!

Location: M-19, Gole Market, Mahanagar, Lucknow

Timings: 11:00 AM- 11:00 PM

Contact for reservations: 0522 4025101, 0522 4025566

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