Swachh Survekshan 2022: LMC to work on fast track mode to make Lucknow a 'Garbage Free City'

Swachh Survekshan 2022: LMC to work on fast track mode to make Lucknow a 'Garbage Free City'

Lucknow aims to bag the Garbage Free City 7 Star Certification in the upcoming cleanliness survey

The Lucknow Municipal Corporation has decided to undertake strict steps to progress its ranking in the Swachh Survekshan of 2022. As per reports, the civic body is aiming to bag the 'Garbage Free City 7 Star Certification' in the upcoming national cleanliness survey, to be held next year. The LMC has launched a slew of preparations, under the guidance of Mayor Sanyukta Bhatia, to achieve this goal and uphold prime standards of garbage disposal and civic cleanliness.

LMC devises new action plan to boost cleanliness ranking

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LMC has favoured the elimination of dumping grounds and scattering of garbage in the open to effectively shoot up the city's Swachh Survekshan 2022 ranking. The Mayor has also focused on the need to expedite the process of door-to-door garbage collection to significantly cut down on the open disposal and boost road cleanliness.

In addition to this, garbage pick-up points will be set up in each ward to park the domestic waste and other garbage collected during the door-to-door drive. From this point, the garbage will be directly taken to the treatment plants for proper disposal. The City Mayor has directed LMC officials to complete all the necessary preparations with promptness to get the 'Garbage Free City 7 Star Certification' for Lucknow.

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  • The structured action plan will go through the following checklist:
  • Eliminate open dumping points in the city
  • Ban the disposal and scattering of garbage in the open
  • Implement door-to-door garbage collection drive
  • Prevent street garbage from encroaching the road
  • Connect all areas in the city with high functioning sewer lines
  • Special focus on the cleanliness of public toilets
  • Effective steps to boost groundwater level in Lucknow
  • Construct rainwater harvesting systems in city parks
  • Mechanical cleaning of sere lines
  • Recycle and reuse water

As per reports, these pointers will round up the pilot project of waste management in the city. This programme will be initially implemented in only 2 wards of Lucknow, to be scaled city-wide later. The LMC will select the pilot locales on the basis of road width, picking only those areas which have narrow lanes which cannot be easily accessed by garbage carts. This pre-requisite will reveal the effectiveness of the door-to-door drive.

LMC to impose fines if disposed waste is not segregated

Once this doorstep garbage collection system is established, the LMC will take one step further and make arrangements to impose a fine for not segregating the garbage into wet and dry categories. Fines will also be imposed on shopkeepers if they do not hand out the garbage to the executive organisation of the corporation. Specific awareness drives will also be initiated in Lucknow to educate people about segregated waste disposal.

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