300+ UP citizens stranded in Ukraine, state government to make arrangements for evacuation

300+ UP citizens stranded in Ukraine, state government to make arrangements for evacuation

Local commissioners have been directed to set up counters at airport for the convenience of stranded Indian nationals.

As Russia has charged forces to gain control over Ukraine's capital Kyiv, reports highlight about 330+ UP citizens who have been caught in the cross-fire. In line with this, the state of Uttar Pradesh has announced full support for the speedy evacuation of these stranded nationals.

Notably, the government has appointed nodal officers to coordinate with the Ministry of External Affair and the Indian Embassy in Kyiv to ensure the safe return of students and other citizens. Local commissioners of the state have also been directed to set up counters at airports for the convenience of people being brought back to the state from the war grounds.

Control Room set up in Lucknow for students' assistance

An order issued by Additional Chief Secretary, Revenue Manoj Kumar Singh said that the Secretary (Revenue Department), Ranvir Prasad will directly coordinate with the Ministry and Embassy of India at Kyiv to provide support for the evacuation of stranded Indian citizens and students.

A 24x7 control room has also been set up in Lucknow, connected with a toll-free 1070 helpline number to provide assistance to stranded students, who hail from Uttar Pradesh. This unit has notably reached out to about 275 such students in Ukraine, Ranvir Prasad said. The control room is in touch with all these students for any support or aid.

The state authorities have also sent forms to people and students stuck in Ukraine. They have been asked to carry their passports all the necessary documents. Arrangements are being made for safe evacuation. People can also reach out to mobile no.-9454441081 and e-mail id rahat@nic.in for further assistance.

State urges people to follow official guidelines only

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The DMs of all Uttar Pradesh districts have also been roped in to reach out and communicate with the parents of students. Dissemination of official information is essential to prevent the spread of rumours and misinformation.

Parents are requested to verify all news to prevent being duped by con men and scammers amid the panic hour. All stakeholders, parents, students and those stranded otherwise are requested to follow all advisories issued by the Embassy of India at Kyiv as well as the Ministry of External Affairs.

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