Lucknow Coronavirus news: 431 new cases & 482 recoveries reported in a single day!

431 fresh cases and 482 recoveries in Lucknow in 24 hours

Reporting a massive 431 fresh cases on Saturday, Lucknow has yet again recorded the highest number of coronavirus cases in Uttar Pradesh. This number also happens to be the city's highest leap in a single day, since the outbreak of the infection on April 26. Capital's tally now stands at 5853 cases. On a positive note, Lucknow also reported the maximum single day recoveries of 482 people.

Steep rise in cases

With a single day rise of 431 cases, Lucknow has emerged as the worst-hit city in the state. With an active tally of about 3,337 patients in the city hospitals and other L1 and L2 covid care centres across the city, the medical competence of the city's safety and hygiene standards is under immense pressure.

482 people recovered in a single day

Hyatt Lucknow Asymptomatic COVID-19 patients are now allowed to isolate at home or hotels in Lucknow

However, the medical and health personals in the city celebrated a huge victory with about 482 recoveries in a single day. After weeks, the number of discharges and recoveries in the city have exceeded its admission rate. With these numbers, Lucknow's recovery rate has improved by a huge margin.

Knock Knock

The battle against coronavirus is still on in Lucknow. However, to completely eradicate the threat posed by this virus, all Lucknowites must follow social distancing norms and follow all safety procedures and protocols; and while we safeguard ourselves, let us congratulate our front line Coronavirus warriors for achieving this significant win!

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Lucknow receives a new cancer hospital under the banner of Smart City project!

The Chief Minister also emphasized on the 100% geo-tagging of toilets constructed under PM Awas Yojana, CM Awas Yojana or Swacch Bharat Mission.

In an effort to speed up the Smart City project in Lucknow, on Friday the CM of Uttar Pradesh announced that Lucknow now has a new cancer hospital with top-notch amenities. The CM even proclaimed that the Union Defence Minister of India will shortly inaugurate this facility and a flyover too, while amidst the presence of public officials.

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Friday evening would have brought a sigh of relief for health and district officials in Lucknow, as for the first time in September new cases count came down to just 425. With this, 853 people recovered from the deadly virus and the active cases count came down to 8,954. So the question rises- Is the curve bending in Lucknow? Is Lucknow going the herd immunity way? Or is it too early to celebrate?

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Coffee House tweaks beverage menu to include the desi concoction of immunity boosting kadha!

The two most popular beverages that the fear of coronavirus and its subsequent lockdown gave us are home-made concoctions kadhas and the social media famous, Dalgone coffee. And it is a surprise for everyone that Lucknow's Coffee House has picked kadha over coffee to be a part of its beverage menu! Talk about being unusual!

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