Lucknow court fines doctors for bad handwriting

Lucknow court fines doctors for bad handwriting

Parul Agarwal

The unrecognisable handwriting of the doctors on the prescriptions is so common, that we hardly think of it as a problem anymore. We take the piece of paper to the chemist, who takes the burden off our heads by understanding all those difficult names. So when you hear that a doctor could get fined for bad handwriting, you are surely going to think of it as a joke.

However, recently, one such incident did took place, as Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court imposed a fine of Rs 5000 each, on two doctors for their bad handwriting while writing the medico-legal reports in criminal cases.

The injury report given to the patients by Dr PK Goel from Sitapur Hospital and Dr TP Jaiswal from Gonda Hospital, could not be read at all. The fine was imposed on the doctors by the division bench comprising Justice Ajay Lamba and Justice Sanjay Harkauli, in which they were asked to deposit the fine, at the Oudh Bar Asociation Library, within three weeks, or else the money would get deducted from their salaries.

The bench observed that it would be impossible to summon doctors in each and every case for reading their handwriting on the medical reports.

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