Lucknow COVID-19 update: Stricter surveillance over surge in cases

Cases on a rise in Lucknow; CMO tests positive

The threat of the transmission of coronavirus further invades the city of Lucknow as about 740 new patients along with the Lucknow CMO tested positive for the virus today which piles up the total tally to 22585. cases. Lucknow's undeterred position as the worst-hit district of Uttar Pradesh has raised concerns among the state government, district administration and the medical staff alike. While the chief minister has directed the officials to work with greater efficiency, the medical supervision at KGMU is initiating a plasma transfusion programme with the help of asymptomatic patients.

Lucknow vs Coronavirus

Lucknow recorded about 740 new infections on Tuesday, one of which turns out to be Lucknow CMO. The CMO got himself tested over the symptoms of a running nose and slight fever and was found COVID-19 positive. All those who came in contact with him have been further requested to get themselves tested. The Office of the CMO was sanitised staffers were assured to prevent panic and chaos. The district administration is still mulling over a complete office seal over the safety of the staff.

Recording a high number of coronavirus cases every day, Lucknow has cemented its position as the worst affected city in the state. The high number of both new cases and fatalities have been the cause of concern across the administrative spectrum, compelling the Chief Minister of state to direct officials to increase efficiency and strictness in terms of identifying, monitoring, controlling the spread of coronavirus cases and consequent fatalities in the districts of Lucknow and Kanpur.

An increase in the number of COVID-19 tests has also been directed where the state has to conduct about 85,000 rapid antigen and 45,000 RT-PCR tests every day in Lucknow, Kanpur and other districts of Gorakhpur, Prayagraj, Varanasi and Ballia.

Medical Competence at its best!

To hasten the recovery procedure, the KGMU Medical has started obtaining plasma from the asymptomatic coronavirus patients for transfusion therapy to boost the immunity of those battling the virus. These donor patients have antibodies (immunity to fight the Sars COV-2 virus) but have never been hospitalised or tested positive for coronavirus infection. Earlier, the university had resorted to the plasma of cure coronavirus patients for the transfusion treatment.

With this, the university has been recognised as the first medical institute across the state to resort to this rather unconventional source of plasma donations. So far, about 59 people have donated plasma, out of which 5 were asymptomatic donors, and the rest were cured patients. The University Professors are of the view that with this second option opening up, the number of donations is expected to rise over the voluntary nature of donations, leading to a better rate of transfusion therapy among a broadened range of COVID-19 patients.

Donors who reach out to the university for blood donations will be tested for having antibodies. In case these donors pass the antibody test, they will be encouraged and convinced to donate only plasma, instead of the whole blood. An estimate of 4 such donors each day is expected to improve immunity and recovery among coronavirus positive patients.

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