2,716 fresh COVID cases & 1,420 recoveries reported in Lucknow on Monday

2,716 fresh COVID cases & 1,420 recoveries reported in Lucknow on Monday

Ever since the outbreak of this pandemic, a total of 2,59,691 people have contracted the coronavirus infection in the city, so far

Amid the rising coronavirus infection, Lucknow marked yet another high on Monday with a total of 2,716 fresh COVID cases, taking the active caseload to 17,658. According to reports, Chief Medical Officer, Lucknow, also contracted the viral disease on Monday. With the active mark nearing the 20,000-mark now, the surge in cases has become a cause of concern for all. Read on to know more about the status of COVID in Lucknow.

1,420 recoveries reported in the city on Monday

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According to the daily health bulletin, 1,420 patients infected with COVID in Lucknow marked their recovery on Monday, taking the cumulative tally of recoveries to 2,39,381. Notably, ever since the outbreak of this pandemic, a total of 2,59,691 people have contracted the coronavirus infection in the city, so far. With no new fatality reported on January 17, the death toll in the city remained fixed at 2,652 cases.

Vaccination against COVID in Lucknow

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As per the data available on CoWIN, 66,77,327 doses of vaccine against coronavirus have been administered in the capital city of Uttar Pradesh so far. This data includes first, second and third (precautionary) doses that have been given to beneficiaries across all the age groups starting from 15 years and above.

While 27,35,493 beneficiaries are fully-vaccinated in Lucknow, 11,72,091 people are yet to get their second dose in the city. Apart from this, 34,250 people in Lucknow have also received the third dose of vaccination which is known as the 'precautionary dose' in India.

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