Lucknow Def Expo: Airbus to showcase state-of-the-art latest military products at airshow

Happening for the first time in Lucknow, the Defence Expo is all the rage in the city right now. The expo is all in the news and it seems that the people of Lucknow just cannot stop talking about all that will be showcased and displayed in the expo.

The biggest military equipment manufacturers of the world will be showcasing their products in the expo. Joining the league of state-of-the-art, modern and cutting-edge equipments is Airbus' newest products for Lucknow's first 'airshow'

What's the update?


Airbus, the European aircraft maker is set to showcase its latest military equipments and technologies at Lucknow's first ever airshow.

Airbus was quick to play on this year's theme of the expo- 'India: The Emerging Defence Manufacturing Hub' and said they're eager to showcase their capabilities, while also expressing an interest in kick-starting a defence industrial base in the country.

Airbus' exhibit will include the models of C295 aircraft- a tough and reliable aircraft, AS565 MBe Panther, the H145M and the H225M helicopters. These are sure to make the airshow super fun and interesting!

The Defence Expo will also provide for an opportunity for foreign defence investors and equipment manufacturers to explore India as a manufacturing base.

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Lucknow's first ever Defence Expo is bringing a horde of new opportunities for the city and the state; the airshow being a prominent one of them. The Defence Expo is expected to open a slew of new avenues for the state and prove to be quite a show for the residents as well. The Def-Expo 2020 will prove to be a convergence of leading technologies in defence and security under one roof while projecting a complete spectrum of India's power and assets.

Date: February 5-8

Location: Vrindavan Yojna, Sector 15, Lucknow

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