Def Expo 2020 update: 1000 companies including HAL to be a part of the event in Lucknow

For the first time, over 1000 companies to take part in the Defence Expo 2020

The entire city is waiting with bated breath for Defence Expo 2020 & all that it promises. With just a week left, here's everything you need to know about the Expo & all that it is bringing to Lucknow.

The first ever Defence Expo will bring to the city, its first ever airshow and will also set the ground for the defence corridor that is set to come up in Uttar Pradesh. This Defence Expo 2020 will also be the first one to have over 1000 companies participating in it!

What's the update?

The Lucknow Defence Expo is turning out to be a mega event. Knocksense had previously reported that European aircraft manufacturer Airbus as well as military giant Lockheed Martin will be showcasing their newest and finest products at the expo, according to new updates over 1000 companies are set to participate in the event.

Of the 1000 companies participating in the event, 165 will be from 70 foreign countries while the rest will be home grown. It has also been reported that defence ministers and service chiefs from over 35 countries have also confirmed their presence in the event. It has also been confirmed that Prime Minister Modi will be inaugurating the event, which makes Defence Expo 2020 a mega, high profile event.

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, who has been keenly organising this mammoth event will also be showcasing its prowess in defence and aerospace. Centred on the theme 'Digital Transformation of Defence', HAL will be displaying models of light combat aircraft (LCA) 'Tejas', light combat helicopter (LCH), advanced light helicopter (ALH), Do-228 and Hawk, among a slew of other products it is set to showcase.

Knock Knock

The Defence Expo 2020 will be taking place at the expansive Vrindavan Yojna between 5th and 9th of February. The expo will remain closed for the initial three days and will open to public only on 8th of February, i.e, the fourth day of the expo. It is expected to be the biggest Defence Expo, to have happened in the country so far.

Lucknow is most famously known as the city of Nawabs. The name, though many think is given to the city because it was ruled by the Nawabs for many years, is more so because of the impact the Nawabs had on Lucknow's culture and its common life.

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Over the past few weeks, the city has been buzzing with excitement over the ongoing Defence Expo 2020. The largest defence expo in India ever is happening right here and today, the public of Lucknow can get their last look at some of the latest in military technology.

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Defence Expo 2020 begins in Lucknow today and like the rest of us we're sure, your energy is riding high too! One of the biggest events in Lucknow's history, the Defence Expo is not only an event to put Lucknow on the world map but would also become a spectacle for the city to remember for time to come. Though the main event is open to the commoners only on its last two day days, there are still some demonstrations that you can surely be a part of.

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Over the past few weeks, the buzz surrounding India's biggest ever Defence Expo, happening here in Lucknow is almost phenomenal. Localites are eagerly awaiting the opening of the gates while officials are hard at work to make the event possible. With over a thousand companies from about 70 countries taking part, Defence Expo 2020 surely promises to expose you to the latest in arms, armament, ammunition, defence communications, protective gear, clothing, radars, aircraft, ships, habitat, food for soldiers in remote areas and a vast multitude of defence related requirements.

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